Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 21st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara telling Ruksana that she can stay with her in her house. Ruksana thanks Antara. Antara wishes Ruksana gets her love. Ruksana says don’t make a wish without knowing anything. Ruksana gets a call from her mum and she leaves. MachMach tells Antara about Ruksana. Raghu comes and says Antara was busy with Sahib. MachMach leaves. Antara looks at Raghu and smiles. Raghu is upset and angry on her. She says you say anything. He says so what, do you listen to me. He says I need my phone, move. Antara talks in his style and Raghu looks on. He says ok so don’t move, I will change my way. Raghu and Antara have a cute scene. Antara flirts with him. Antara gets closer to him and says says nothing wants you to go away from me. Mera Mahi Tu… plays…. They have

an eyelock. Raghu is angry and leaves.

Antara smiles and says where will you go, you have to come to me. Satya calls Antara and Raghu comes to Ruksana. She says my mum thanked you. Raghu jokes. Satya talks to Antara and says you are looking very beautiful today. He asks did your and Raghu’s problem solved or not. He says sorry for coming in between them as he did not wished to. Antara says its ok. Satya says its not ok, tell me what can I do that your smile comes back. Antara says you don’t worry, Raghu will do that. Raghu talks to Ruksana and asks her about girls. Ruksana asks him to talk to Antara as she loves him. Raghu says tell me, how you know about love, did you fall in love with someone. Ruksana looks at him and says you won’t understand. Raghu says make me understand. He says we will have fun in Dandiya and takes Ruksana with her.

Satya tells Antara that his night will be special today because of her. Antara does not listen to him. Raghu comes and sees Antara with Satya. Satya and Antara see Raghu holding Ruksana’s hands. Raghu leaves her hand and gets angry. He leaves. Antara goes after him. Satya smiles and says tonight will be much special. Antara talks to Raghu and says enough, you are making it a issue. Raghu says you are doing it, not me. He says why did you talk to Satya, what do you want. Antara says I want you, Satya stopped me as I was coming to me. Raghu says ok. Antara says you don’t call me Antara ji, call me Miss Kaul as you always do. He says I will call you Antara when I m angry. She says what do I have to do to make your mood good. Raghu says leave it, you can’t do it.

Antara asks what. Raghu looks at her. Mera Mahi Tu…. plays as they have an eyelock. Raghu goes closer to her and says you have to do something for me. She asks what? Antara is nervous. Raghu says that which we can’t do with someone else. Antara is shy and runs. Raghu runs after her calling Miss Kaul. Raghu and Antara are playing Dandiya and Ankhon Ki Gustakhiyaan Maaf Ho…… plays…. Raghu closes his eyes and stands. Antara goies and Ruksana comes. Satya plays with Antara while Antara is looking at Raghu. Raghu and Antara look super cute seeing each other from a distance.

MachMach says I will be back, where did Raghu go. Ruksana stops him and says Raghu has Antara is his life and no one should come in between them. Satya sees Raghu and Antara disappeared and looks around. Antara runs and Raghu is after her. Music plays…. They have an eyelock standing at the terrace. Raghu goes closer to her. Antara runs. Raghu takes her dupatta and she is shy.

Raghu covers Antara with his stole and draws her closer. Antara looks at him. He goes closer to her and runs away. She stops and Raghu touches her. She turns. Antara closes her eyes as Raghu is about to kiss her.

Raghu looks at Antara and kisses her. Satya sees this and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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