Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu hugging Ruksana in excitement. She says don’t do this else I will also…… Raghu talks to her and is very happy. Raghu starts singing and dancing. Even Ruksana and MachMach are there in his dance sequence. Mera Mahi Tu…. plays…. Antara dances in her room. Ruksana asks Raghu to get up. MachMach says shall we call the doctor. She says he has to tell everything to Antara. Raghu says you are right and throws a stone at Antara’s door. She says don’t do like this and asks him to tell it with love. MachMach says you mean Raghu is in love with Antara, they will die fighting. Raghu gets dressed up in style. He tries various shirts and talks to himself in the mirror.

He practices to tell it to Antara. He thinks how will he do it. He says

I will say it in english and says some silly and cute lines. He says Antara may feel bad, so think something solid. He wears the shirt and says he is looking cool. He thinks what will he say. He thinks what Ruksana said. He says she said flowers also, so ….. He brings a red rose and asks Bappa for an idea so that he can impress his love and Antara should say yes. He gets Aman’s call. Raghu picks the call but it gets disconnected. Raghu gets an idea and he thinks of going to meet Antara and propose her.

Raghu calls Antara and says come outside. He says no, you wait, come in balcony, I have to tell you something. Antara comes out in the balcony and they see each other and smile. He says I have to tell something, but not on phone. He says come closer, I will come there. Antara smiles. Raghu says open the door, I m coming. Antara smiles and goes to open the door. She opens the door and Raghu gets nervous. He thinks how will he say now. She asks were you saying anything. He says yes, trying. He says broken lines and says I….. m forgetting everything. He says I had to say that my heart…. takes a deep breath and says I got it now. I wanted to say that something is happening to me which also happened to you, are you understanding.

She says no, you are not saying anything. Raghu says I m trying, listen now carefully… He says I will tell only once and you reply to me fast. He says look into my eyes and she looks. He says I had to say you that….. Raghu’s phone rings. Antara says pick your call, I m waiting, and will listen to you before I leave. Raghu asks Aman is this the time to call. Aman says its important to us to talk. Raghu asks what. Aman says meet me once, else I won’t be able to say you. Raghu says ok, I will come. Raghu tells Antara that I have to go and meet Aman, I have to go, but you don’t worry, I will go and come, but you wait here for me. He says don’t sleep till I come, because the matter is very important, if I don’t tell today, I won’t be able to tell anyone.

Raghu says I have to give you something, I will come back and give you, will you wait. She says yes, I will sleep after talking to you. He says promise. She says promise. He leaves to meet Aman. Aman thinks even if Raghu kills him, he will have to say everything to Raghu. Some goons come to Aman and kidnap him. They take his cell phone and hit him on his head. Raghu comes to meet Aman thinking what might be the matter. The goons bring Aman to Daya Maai. Raghu sees Aman’s house vacant and thinks where he is. Raghu thinks is aman is nay problem, as he was looking afraid on phone.

Aman wakes up and is shocked to see Daya Maai. Aman says Maai….. She says you have spoiled my sleep and came to see Mumbai. Nothing happens without my permission. Antara thinks Raghu did not come till now. She says why should I call, he should worry. Maai tells him that you don’t remember what I said. Aman thinks of his meeting about Maai and she asked him to leave from her area. Raghu thinks there is something fishy as Aman’s phone is not connecting and Antara is waiting for him. Aman says I was going… Maai says how dare you come back again. Aman says I m saying the truth. Maai says you are lying, I don’t like it. She says then what is this letter. Aman is tensed.

Raghu tells Antara that he loves her. Antara smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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