Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 1st July 2013 Written Update

The epi starts with the same man giving Antara the water bottle. Antara came back and told everyone that she has water. she gave water to her mom. everyone left to sleep. Antara too was going to sleep but she heard mouth organ that Raghu was playing. then she recognised that her mom was little bit awake. Her mom asked her about her dad that is he is sleeping or not. but she made her sleep again. She felt like crying so she went out to the balcony.

She looked at the stars and there were four stars twinkling. then her mind went to the music of the mouth organ and she looked in the direction from where the sound was coming and saw Raghu playing it. She saw him for sometimes but Raghu was busy playing. After sometimes she went in and slept.

the next morning again she went to Daya

Mai’s house to find Raghu but there she met Rasika and they have some talk regarding Raghu. Antara asked her about the whereabouts of Raghu but Rasika said that if you will go behind him then she will only be at lose. Then again Antara said her about Raghu then only they both Raghu coming on his bike. Rasika saw him with lust eyes and Antara normally.

Raghu went in the barbar’s shop to have hair cut. Barbar asked him the style he wants. Then only Antara entered the shop. She said sorry to Raghu. But Raghu said to the barbar that she might be telling you. She told Raghu that i am talking to you and him. Barbar who had stopped his work Raghu again started the trimmer and gave barber to start again. Antara again said Sorry but Raghu put his smallest finger in his ears and gestured by his hands that he still didnt heard anything. Antara almost fumed and snatched the trimmer from barbar and went in front of him. she said that she is in a hurry and she has already said sorry to him.

Raghu stood up and was ready to move out but Antara stopped him( as in the precap). She was not letting him go. Raghu tried another direction but by chance Antara and Raghu moved at the same time and they were too close to each other( guys they were inches apart.. my heart beat is still not normal) then started the bg maahiya ve. They were looking at each other so intensely. they were for some seconds lost in each other’s eyes. but Antara came back to the reality and lowered her eyes. Raghu too felt uncomfortable( first time kisi ladki ko aise dekha hai na) and was looking somewhere else. But then he said in attitute that he is busy, come some other time but before the sunset else she will waste one more day.

Antara went out of the shop and stood just before it. Raghu can watch her through the mirror in front of him. but after sometimes she went away and Raghu tilted his face a little to see her.

Antara went in the house and everyone started to ask what had Raghu said and when will be water coming. But without a word she again went out and saw Raghu coming out. She called him SUNNO to stop him, but he didnt. He sat on his bike but still Antara came running and said sorry. But he gave the raze to the bize and turned it to go out of the basti. But Antara again came in front and stopped him. She said sorry. but Raghu was adamant. He said say it that loud that everone will listen and he started encircling his bike around Antara and said that look at me and say sorry. Antara was looking at him and said sorry many times. And she apologies in english but Raghu said her that in this there was not that respect. so say it wit respect.

Then Antara fumed and stopped him. Antara told Raghu that in her house there is a lady of his mother’s age who was asking for water and a kid who was asking to go to washroom which is such a basic need. She said that he is not a person who deserve respect and he too dont deserve the sorry she is saying. she said that the kind of person you are dont deserve. She continued that this basti might praise you as their god but i will never. I was saying sorry because it was my Majboori. But for you there could never be respect in my heart ever. To all this Raghu fumed a lot.

Precap: Raghu said to Antara that she had not seen that how low he can go. he called Machmach and Battery and went inside her house.

Update Credit to: tintin0602

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