Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 19th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with MachMach sitting with Aaji. Aaji talks with MachMach. Aaji asks him to tell a story, the scene is hilarious. Aaji asks about Raghu and Antara. She asks her name. MachMach says Antara. He asks she is from Kashmir. Aaji says tell me the whole story from the beginning. MachMach says she is creating waves in our lives, Raghu has helped her a lot, but she does so much drama. She is after her mum and not respects Raghu. He says Raghu saved her life. Aaji listens patiently. He says she gave a bill to Raghu. One day Raghu saved her brother, even then she did not thank us, and slapped Raghu. Aaji holds her cheek and says she slapped Raghu. He says yes, infront of everyone. Raghu hit the band then. Aaji says so that girl spoke to Raghu, then slapped him, then did not say sorry

and fought with him. He says yes, see her courage. Aaji says its called fire.

Antara and her mum are waiting for an auto. Raghu comes calling her hey misscall. He gives her a slip, she keeps it in the bag. He says why are you tensed, I thanked to doctor, or maybe he thanked me. Antara says its not about you. Raghu says everything will be fine. Her mum says nothing happened. Raghu likes her spirit and asks her to be positive. Antara takes a taxi. Raghu says MachMach will leave you. Antara says no need and thanks him. He asks why. She says my mum’s checkup was done. Raghu says no need. Aaji says I understood the situation and the girl. MachMach says even I understand her. Raghu says no need to be like this. I know you are tensed about money, so you are talking to me sweetly. I have told the doctor that I will pay for the cure, I know you need money and you have no one to help you. Antara says do you think thats why I m talking like this. Raghu says why are you getting angry, you be like you are. She says I don’t need your money, I said thanks from my heart. I can do my mum’s treatment, I will look for a job and do the treatment. Raghu says from your money, three lakhs?

He says listen to me, you cannot do this. You can bet that I will pay. She says I don’t need. He says I have decided. She says you don’t have the right to decide about me and my family. She leaves. Raghu tries to stop her. Aaji says this is that girl who conquered over Raghu. She has something in her. Aaji smiles. Raghu comes to Aaji. Aaji asks about her. Raghu talks about Antara. Aaji says I was asking about her mum. Raghu says she is fine, she went home. Aavi says why did not you go to leave her. Raghu says she said no. I spoke to her well, she thanked me. I told her that I know why she is saying so. I will do the payment, She argued with me. Aaji asks what did she say. Raghu says she said she does not need the money from me, she wont be able to do it. Aaji says she is a good girl, let her try if she wants. Raghu says ok let her do it and understand. He says her angry is much. Let her go. Aaji smiles, MachMach asks why are you smiling. Aaji says I m not, and asks Raghu for her medicines.

Mama and Mami are talking about Antara’s mum. Mama says I m also happy, she is my sister, but we should see the reality, from where should we get the money. Antara comes and says Mami you don’t worry, I will take care of everything. Mama looks on. Mami says how will you do. Antara says I will do a job. Mami says how will you work, your degree is incomplete. Noor brings an ad of a job in which there is no degree requirement. Mami says its different to do a job, will you be able to do it. Antara says let me try it. I can take care of my mum’s treatment. Mama thinks I did not tell you but I m proud of you Antara, you do your try, I will pray that your try gets successful.

Raghu is thinking about Antara. Someone comes and flirts with Raghu. Mami comes there. Raghu asks do you have any work. Mami says I came to thank you. Raghu asks for what. He says all this happened because of me. Mami says if Antara says something, don’t feel bad. Her dad taught her humanity, values but not to compromise. Now, everything is on her. Its a new city, new people and new pains. She is fighting with her pain and with you. Raghu sees Antara walking. Mami speaks in favor of Antara. Raghu says whats the work. Mami says its assistant’s work nearby. She gives him kashmiri pulao.

Mami says she is thankful to him and leaves. Raghu asks that woman to go and serve her husband. She leaves. Raghu eats the kashmiri pulao. Antara is missing her dad. Antara says I m sorry papa, I m not making your dream come true, but I promise I will make your dream come true one day, bless me its my interview tomorrow. Antara looks at the sky and smiles. Raghu looks at Antara.

Antara is waiting for the auto. She prays the Lord for help. Raghu comes in his jeep.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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