Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara arguing with Raghu. She says Satya was right about you. She says he took my phone so that we don’t fight on phone. Raghu claps for her and says now Satya is right for you and I m wrong. She says when did I tell you are wrong, why are you making it an issue. Raghu says its a big thing for me. She says whats the big deal, what happened if I go with him. Raghu says you don’t know him, he spoke wrong about you. Antara takes Satya’s side and says he apologized to me and I have forgive him. She says Satya wants to be friends with us, give him a chance. Raghu says Satya, stop it. Raghu gets a call and he leaves. Antara stops him and says listen to me. He says I don’t wnat to listen, go to Satya and talk to him if he is true for you.

Antara says

talk to me. Raghu says you don’t talk to me and leaves. Ruksana sees them fighting. MachMach says Antara always speaks much. Ruksana says now see Raghu, he will trouble himself. She says why does this happen. MachMach says you are right, I don’t understand this love talk. Raghu calls MachMach. MachMach asks Ruksana to stay in the parlour and Raghu will arrange her living too. Noor comes to Antara’s house and says there is a surprise. Antara’s mum is back and Antara is happy to see her. Antara hugs her mum happily. Antara is upset thinking about Raghu’s words. Antara’s mum feels Antara is sad. Antara asks where is Mama and Mami. Noor says they will come in two three days and leaves.

Antara’s mum asks her what happened, why is she crying. MachMach asks Raghu to drive slow. Raghu asks him to sit quietly. Raghu says it looks like we got Aman’s information. Antara talks to her mum. She asks her not to be sad on petty things and reminds her of her dad. Antara smiles. She talks about the music concert. Antara talks about Raghu. Raghu comes to know that Aman was kidnapped. Raghu says I m sure that Aman is around. MachMach says why will anyone kidnap Aman. Raghu says Aman wanted to tell me something, he wrote a letter for me but I could not read it.

Satya looks at his shirt and thinks of Antara. Maai comes to him and asks when did you come. Satya says sometime back. Maai asks him whats it as he is happy. Satya smiles and says nothing. Maai sees his shirt and calls the servant. She asks the servant to wash the shirt. Satya says let it be. He smells the shirt. Mai says its a dirty shirt, let it be cleaned. Mai leaves. Satya scolds the servant asking him to leave. Maai comes to know that Aman escaped. She is shocked.

Raghu and MachMach are trying to find Aman while Aman is near them hiding his face. Raghu misses him. Antara is upset and thinks of her mum’s words. Maai slaps the goons and scolds them for not taking care of Aman. Ruksana calls Raghu and asks did you talk to Antara. Raghu says I m busy and don’t call me again. The goons say we will find him, give us a chance Maai. Maai says go and find him now. Aman sees Raghu and runs to him. The goons catch Aman and take him away. Raghu comes somewhere and Maai is inside there. Raghu goes inside and sees another door. Maai hides seeing Raghu.

Raghu says no one is here. Aman is close to Raghu. Raghu says lets go now. Aman runs but Maai stops him. She slaps Aman and says don’t think of running again. She asks the goons to take him. MachMach asks Raghu to talk to Antara. Antara and Ruksana come in the balcony and Ruksana asks did you think how will you make his mood good. Ruksana says he will come for sure. Ruksana wishes the best for them. Raghu comes on the terrace. Raghu is still angry with Antara.

Satya comes and sees Antara. He says tonight is that night which will link you with me after you get separated from Raghu. Antara sees Raghu and smiles. Raghu sees Antara and does not react. He turns and Antara is upset.

Antara tries to make Raghu’s mood good and talks in his way.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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