Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 18th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara asking Raghu do we have the appointment. Raghu says no, we don’t have. The security guard says are you coming here for the first time, you cannot meet the doctor without the appointment. Raghu asks him to shut up, as he always broke the rules. Raghu takes Antara and her mum with him. The guards try to stop him. Raghu brings them to the doctor’s cabin. MachMach closes the door from inside, the guards stand outside shouting on them. The doctor says how can you come like this. Raghu says enough, be quiet. Antara says what is this, what are you doing. MachMach asks the doctor to look after the patient. The doctor scolds them. Raghu says I was taking appointment, but did not get. Someone is ill, and you are after your rules. The doctor says he won’t see her.

Antara stops Raghu from scaring the doctor. They have an eyelock. Raghu says what did you say. Antara says I asked you to stop it, I came here to cure my mum, and I cannot hurt anyone who would cure my mum. This doctor would be like a Lord for me if he cures my mum. Raghu says ok, then pray to him for the whole life.

Antara requests the doctor not to go on Raghu’s words, and she will come tomorrow with the appointment. Raghu says be silent now. Antara’s mum looks on. Raghu scares Antara too. Raghu asks Antara’s mum to sit and the doctor to see her. MachMach also asks the doctor to do his work and not listen to Antara. The doctor checks Antara’s mum.

Raghu shows the file to the doctor. The guards call the doctor and asks him if he is fine. MachMach replies. The doctor asks them to open the door. MachMach opens the door. The doctor asks the guards to leave. The guards leave. The doctor then does the checkup. The doctor asks Antara’s mum to undergo a scan. Raghu takes her. Antara thanks the doctor and apologizes to him. Raghu says sorry for what. Antara says sorry for whatever happened. Raghu asks the doctor to wait for them. Raghu holds Antara’s mum. Antara removes his hand from her and takes her mum with her. Raghu looks at her.

Mami is talking to Ishaan. Mama brings the grocery. Ishaan tells him that Antara and mumma went to doctor. He says yes, its ok. He asks Ishaan to give this medicines to Mami. Ishaan leaves. Ishaan sees the spects and wears it. He thanks his Mama and hugs him. Mama says its ok. Raghu asks MachMach to pay the bill. Antara says why are you paying, command over them too or show a gun to get free treatment, or rob the patients. Raghu says I did not eat any doctor’s fees. She says you would have taken the appointment. Raghu says I tried to take the appointment, but it was after one month.

Antara’s mum says doctors are not after money. Raghu says you don’t know them. I paid him rs. 2000 so he checked you. Antara’s mum says all doctors are not the same. Raghu says all are same. Antara says mummy is talking about papa. The nurse calls them for the scan. She asks them to wait for half an hour and takes her mum inside. Antara tells Raghu about her dad and his honesty. She says her dad used to cure the patients for free. Raghu and Antara have an argument. Antara says there are some hospital rules. Raghu says dump them. He says he does not care anyone.

Raghu says you should be thankful to me. Its because of me, that your mum has been getting cured. Antara looks at him stunned. Antara meets Aaji and asks the nurses about her position. She talks with the doctor. The doctor says Aaji has kept the fast for Bappa. Antara makes Aaji have something to eat without breaking her fast. Aaji agrees with her. Raghu comes there and sees Antara and says you here. He shouts on her and asks where is the doctor. She says I made her eat something. Raghu says Aaji was having fast, who are you, be in limit. Antara says she is ill, speak slowly. Aaji says Chintu, she did not break my fast, she made me eat the prasad. Antara returns the prasad packet to Raghu and says this fell from your pocket. Aaji says she is fine. Aaji asks Raghu to thank Antara. Raghu thanks Antara. Aaji says who is she. Raghu says she is new in our area. Aaji asks about her. He says her mum is ill, she in undergoing scan.

Aaji asks Raghu to go to Antara’s mum and MachMach would be with Aaji. Aaji asks him to come to her. Antara’s mum says we will show the reports to your dad. The doctor asks Antara to come with her outside. The doctor tells Antara that there is brain damage and the cost of the cure will be around 3 lakhs. She can be well again.

Antara talks with the doctor about her mum’s treatment. Antara’s mum comes outisde the cabin. The doctor says do you want to think about it. Raghu says whats there to think. Raghu says start the treatment. The doctor leaves. Antara’s mum comes and asks did you finish talking. Raghu says yes finished. He too leaves. Antara thinks from where will she bring money for her mum’s treatment.

Precap: Antara says she will find a job and arrange the amount for her mum’s treatment. She says I will not let you decide anything.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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