Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 17th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya fooling Antara. He asks her to sit somewhere. She says no, I will help you. He insists. She leaves. Satya tells her that Miss Kaul. Antara is shocked. He says sorry, Antara. He says I want anyone to help us. He says we have to wait here, we don’t have any other way out. Satya looks at Antara. Satys gets an idea seeing the honey’s bee’s house. He throws a stone at it to so that Antara fears and comes closer to him. Antara sees the bees and Satya holds his hand and says sit here else they will be after us. Antara leaves his hand. Satya stares at Antara. Satys takes off his shirt and covers Antara with it.

The bees are gone. Satya says we got saved, relax now. Antara says I m fine, I m not afraid of the bees. He says Raghu fears of the bees.

He says can I ask you something and asks her why did she love Raghu, what did she see in Raghu. He speaks against Raghu. Antara speaks in Raghu’s favor and praises Raghu. Satya says fine, I was joking, I know Raghu is a nice guy. He says sorry if she felt bad. His shirt falls and he says what else we have to see. A car comes and Satya asks for help. Antara asks the address. She comes to know that they came the wrong way. Satya says I m embarassed, I forgot the routes, lets go now.

Antara says drop me back home, its very late. He says check the missed calls, it might be Raghu. He says Raghu called you many times, it means Raghu might be worried and maybe he got angry and broke his phone. He says Raghu gets angry easily. He says people change in love, maybe he also changed. Antara gets Raghu’s call. Satya takes the call and says Antara is with me because MachMach’s jeep was damaged, so I gave her lift, we are coming home soon. Raghu gets angry.

Satya says sorry to Antara for speaking to Raghu on her behalf. He says I was trying to help you and acts sweet. He says did you meet Aaji, and tells her one incident. He says how he manipulates people. Antara is stunned. He asks what happened, are you doubting on me. She looks at him. He says do you think I manipulated today and tells her everything. Antara says nothing like that. He says you will never understand even if Raghu says. They reach the locality. Raghu sees Antara with anger. Ruksana asks MachMach what happened. Satya talks to Raghu and asks how was the meeting. He taunts Raghu indirectly. He says are you angry seeing me with Antara. He says I gave her lift, think how she was standing on the road again, don’t scold her, I will feel bad.

Satya thanks Raghu and tells Antara I will meet you in the evening in Dandiya. He leaves. Antara talks to Raghu but Raghi is angry. MachMach says I will show the parlour to Ruksana, you talk to Antara. Raghu leaves angrily. Antara is sad. Ruksana is happy to see the parlour. MachMach says your luck will shine. Raghu asks him to start working. Ruksana asks him to talk to Antara. Raghu is angry. MachMach also asks him to talk to Antara. Raghu does not listen and scolds MachMach. They insists him to talk to Antara. Antara comes and says listen to me.

Antara tells him that she did not wanted to go with Satya. Raghu says why did you sit in his car. She says how should I explain you. Raghu does not listen to her. He says you could have called me, you did not attend my call, were you busy talking to him. She says my phone was locked in the car. He says ok, but why did he take my call. She says he snatched the phone. Raghu does not believe her.

Maai asks the goons to find Aman. Aman sees Raghu and runs to meet him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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