Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu and Antara talking on phone. Raghu says I love you to her. MachMach comes to Antara and says shall we go for shopping. He says see Raghu, how he plays Dandiya. He says you don’t know Dandiya, but see now in our locality. MachMach sees the tyre puncture and says we can’t go now, I will come soon. She says no, I will go by auto. MachMach asks her to wait. Satya comes to Antara and wishes her good morning. She says I was going somewhere. He says come, I will drop you to shopping mall. She asks how do you know I m going to shopping. He makes excuses and asks her to sit in his car. Antara says I m going with MachMach. Satya insists. Antara refuses.

She tries to comfort her and says you have to make a start, you will know me and decide whether I can

be your friend or not. Antara thinks. He says you think a lot, its good. He says I m waiting here, take your time. She says MachMach will come soon. He says when will he come, make a call to him. Antara goes with him. They leave. Satya tries to talk to Antara and says its a rule to have seat belt. Antara ties it. Satya helps her. He asks why are you silent. She says I was thinking to call MachMach. He says call him. Antara calls MachMach but the call does not connect. Satya stares at her in the mirror. MachMach sees Antara is gone. He thinks where she went. He sees he does not have his phone. Antara says MachMach’s phone is off. Antara talks to MachMach. Antara says you are going wrong way. He says relax. Satya asks how did you and Raghu meet.

He says Raghu and I are not friends, but we fight a lot, but we love each other. He says I m very happy for Raghu, and I did not think that Raghu will get such a girl. He says may be you don’t want to talk about it, its too personal. He says lets talk about something else, like this weather. Antara listens to him. They share some poetry. Satya says I think I bored you. She says no. She talks to him. He says I want to tell you something Antara. He says actually, I want to confess something. He says I don’t know what Raghu told you about me, and that day the fight happened. He says I did not know you are Miss Kaul. He says Raghu is possessive about you. He says it was not Raghu’s mistake, anyone would have done the same, as you are such a girl that every guy would fight for.

Antara says its ok. He says thanks, your smile has made my heart light. Raghu ends his work and thinks of calling Antara. He sees Ruksana. He goes to her. Ruksana says I did not listen. He asks what happened to you. She says nothing. She says you broke my heart. He says you are not that Ruksana the one I know. He asks where is my Ruksana. She says I m that one, I m tired. He asks where are you going. She says my drama company is closed. I don’t know anything else, so I was thinking to go back. He says what will you do there. She says have not thought of. He says you can talk to your friend thats me. He says I will not let you go from this city. He takes her bags. She asks where are we going. He takes her with her.

Antara tells Satya this way is wrong. Satya says trust me. She says I know the way, we are going wrong way, trust me. Raghu tells an idea to Ruksana and asks her not to worry. He asks her to run a beauty parlour. Ruksana cries. Raghu jokes. Ruksana says so you are coming in our area right. Ruksana thanks him and says so what did your Miss Kaul say. Raghu blushes and says even Maai agreed. Ruksana is happy for him. She says if Antara sees me with you, she will get jealous. Raghu says she won’t.

Satya’s car breaks down. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I m fine. He says let me check the car. Satya checks the car while Antara looks on. She asks what happened. He says Maai gifted me this car last year, maybe it went bad. He fools her saying its overheat, have to call a mechanic. HE says there is no network in his phone and he will try again. Antara is worried.

Satya tells Raghu that he gave lift to Antara.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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