Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 16th July 2013 Written Update

MachMach & Raghu comes announcing that no one should come out of there houses as renovation work is going on *pretty nice trick to stop antara* Raghu & antara stare at each other Govind says now they cant go anywhere Antara says then what abt train’s tickets *tear it off* Geeta says they r getting late *apka SIL apko jaane nahi dega*

Raghu enquires seems they are going somewhere Antara says she told him yesterday that they are leaving MUMBAI Raghu gives a perfect reply he also told her that she cant go ANYWHERE Antara tells they are getting late & asks him to get hose barryates & let them go Raghu tells her she didnt got what MachMach said on mike *bhopu* or shall he ask him to sit in her ears n speak again

Raghu says he is doing all this to protect his

basti from rain! Antara says he understands basti people’s pain & says how can she forgot he is god to those basti people *chapar chapar* Even god doesnt do so much*bhagwangiri* And tells him he doesnt know whom to say what *indicates abt her father’s death* Antara leave to take taxi bt Raghu stops her again & says yes he is god to those basti people n he does what he wants & tells her he has decided that she AINT going anywhere

Raghu tells her who is she ?? Nastik taking pangas wid Bhagwan who everytime challenges GOD & everytime gives lecture on right or wrong Antara says yes she gives lectures bcoz everything is wrong in him Antara says why is she saying this things to him bcoz they r leaving Raghu says he has asked her to stay Antara moves away!

Raghu sees few wood sticks falling n antara moving towards that Govind shocked Raghu moves a step n pulls antara n gets over her! Antara is shocked & closes her eyes! Raghu stares at her [bg : mera mahi tu mera ranjhan tu]

All r shocked bt sees raghu having a hold on her

Raghu gets away frm her n asks her is she alright & asks her to go home *Govind’s place* At home, Geeta says theyr getting late for station Antara asks ishu to come wid her n they will get a taxi

Antara opens the door & finds raghu out there Raghu says he knew she wont care of what he said Raghu helds antara’s hand Raghu tells to ishu if he says that his mom can get well here so will they stay there Antara tells him its good first of all he told ishu that his father is dead & now giving false hopes to him that his mother will be fine Antara asks him not to play wid his feelings!

Raghu tells her he isnt playing! Infact he has got best dr.’s appointment who has treated many patients like her mother & asks her now its her decision to take her to dr. or take to kashmir *perfect SIL*

Raghu comes out n finds antara’s one earring below his shoe & remember how he pulled her n her pretty scared face

Saroj says raghu aint bad by heart! Govind says what so ever is that if hospital is so big so its expenses should be much bigger Noor apa asks antara so what did she decided ??

Antara comes out to talk to raghu! Antara calls him out twice frm his back bt he acts as if he doesnt heard her Antara comes in front of him n says she … Raghu says she came to say BYE! Antara says no she is staying there *mission successful* She is stopping der till her mumma’s appointment! Raghu asks her last name *challa* Antara says kaul. Raghu asks to repeat she says KAUL Hmmm Miss Kaul or Miss CALL *hears the same*

Raghu tells her, her mother is ill n till she doesnt gets well she cant move frm this basti and after that she can go anywhere it doesnt matters Antara asks why all of a sudden change ?? Raghu states earlier he didnt knew her mom is really ill And says he did a big mistake by throwing her mom out of the basti *why not abt antara* Antara says so no he is guilty abt that

Raghu says not guilty! trying to reach someone whom he couldnt reach on right time *his mom* Antara asks he’s talking abt whom ?? Raghu asks does she wants to make film on him Antara says thanks n leaves! Raghu stops her n tells her she is forgetting something! Antara says she said thanks jst now n shall she touch his feets now! he says that her own DEVOTION

Raghu tells her she always thinks bad about him n asks her not to think *bad abt him* And gives her earring! Raghu says he is limit gunda Antara check her one ear where she already had her earring! Raghu says she have two ears

Raghu sees her wearing that earring [bg : mera maahi tu, mera ranjhan tu] Antara says thanks once again! Bth move in opposite direction bt stop in mid n turns half way [bg : mera maahi tu, mera ranjhan tu]

Saroj comes to antara n tells her she took right decision! Antara says jst bcoz of raghu they had faced so much so she didnt felt like taking his help Antara says she doesnt feels like trusting on him Saroj says raghu is hard stone a different type of stone in between he has heart too

Raghu in temple gets done a pooja for GEETA *doting SIL* Raghu takes prasad for GEETA n moves out! Pandit stops him n asks wont he say bye to bappa Raghu says BYE BAPPA n moves out widout seeing n hits antara! Antara handsover pooja plate to raghu Raghu Antara stare at each other [bg : mera maahi tu, mera ranjhan tu] Raghu handsover the plate to antara!

MachMach says to geeta that raghu aint less than a King His name is raghu naik bt people around them wid love/respect/fear calls him Raghu Bhai Geeta says fear is created & respect is earned! MachMach keen to know abt love asks what abt LOVE Geeta says LOVE doesnt have one way its like AATMA it can happen anytime! Raghu stares at antara! Antara sees him n diverts herself

Update Credit to: Nidz

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