Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya taking out a chit from the lucky draw. Everyone are waiting to know who is the winner. Daya Maai reads the name and Satya says lets see who wins. Maai says the winner is Miss Kaul. Everyone clap. Raghu smiles seeing Antara. Satya is shocked and says how did this happened. He sees Antara and Raghu looking at each other. He says so she is Miss Kaul. Satya thinks that my Antara is Rahghu’s Miss Kaul. Antara comes on the stage. Satya is angry seeing Raghu and Antara. Raghu thinks who wrote this Miss Kaul on the chit. Maai gives the prize to Satya and asks him to give it to Antara. Antara looks at Satya. Satya gives the prize to Antara. Everyone claps. Rasika is upset. Antara says thanks, can I tell anything, Satya says sure.

Antara says this is not

my victory, its someone else’s. She says I did not out my name in this box, but someone asked me to test the fate. She says he wrote my name in the box, its our victory and I want to share my victory with everyone. She says I want to put these coins in the locality funds. Everyone claps for her. Raghu smiles. Rasika says stupid girl, she gave away five gold coins. Satya is still shocked seeing Antara. Antara greets Maai and leaves. Antara asks Raghu to put the coins in the funds. He says I thought you will make some ornaments for yourself. Antara says whats the need, you are already impressed.

Antara and Raghu are together. They have a romantic talk. She says things have changed, and love has changed my life. Raghu says I don’t think anything changed. He says you were always two steps away from me and even now you are away, so lets bring some change. He goes closer to her. He runs. Raghu acts and takes her back in his arms. He says caught you…. They get closer and have an eyelock. He says what happened, yesterday you were about to kiss me and today you are tensed. Antara looks at him and kisses him on his cheek. Mera Mahi Tu… plays….

Antara runs away. Raghu smiles and looks on happily. Satya comes to Raghu. Satya laughs seeing him and says you won. He taunts Raghu about Antara. Raghu gets angry. Satya says cool. Satya says hit me. Satys says I m sorry, I did not know Antara is your Miss Kaul, else …. Antara is a nice girl, she is yours. Raghu looks on. Satya says I m apologizing from my heart. He says if I said anything wrong about her, I m really sorry. He says shake hands. Raghu says I m quiet because of Maai. Satya says what did I do now. I m talking sweetly to you and you are angry on me, why. He says I came to tell you Maai is calling you. Raghu sees Antara’s door. Satya notices and says I got it, you want to see her first then go downstairs. He says you go, I will take your place, I will call you when she comes.

Raghu says no need Sahib and leaves. Antara comes in the balcony and sees Satya. Satya waves her Hi and smiles. Antara is tensed and leaves. Satya smiles. The next morning, Raghu is talking to Antara. Satya hears them. Raghu cuts the call. Satya says why did you cut the call, you can talk to her infront of me. Maai comes and greets Satya. She says I asked Rasika to make your fav food. Satya says I don’t love indian food now. Maai says fine and says some builders are coming to meet us, did you see the map. Satya says yes and leaves.

The meeting starts. Maai and Satya are attending it. Maai asks Satya about it. Satya gives his opinion to Maai. Maai asks Satya to talk to the bank for the loan. Satya says I forgot, I will talk today. Maai scolds him infront of those people. Raghu comes and greets Maai. Maai says Satya has to do this work. He says it will be done, from today. Raghu says not so soon. Maai asks why. Raghu says if we start the work now, it will be rainy season now. Maai is happy with Raghu’s suggestion. Raghu gives his opinion for the garden. Maai is impressed. The people praise Raghu and shows him the map. Raghu explains Maai and Satya looks on.

The people talk to Maai and says it would be good if Satya comes with us. Satya says send Raghu instead of me as he knows more than me. Maai says I have some personal work. Maai asks what. He says I can’t say. Maai asks Raghu to go with them. Raghu leaves with them. Raghu asks MachMach to go with Antara on shopping as he is busy with some work. Maai scolds Satya. Satya argues with her and says now Raghu will go to do business, and I will go with Antara.

Satya is with Antara and fooling her making excuses.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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