Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 15th July 2013 Written Update

Ishan gives spatula to Raghu saying Antara gave and said if he uses it then it will be easier to apply haldi on his wound. Raghu takes it and looks at Antara. He then returns it and says he doesn’t need this tatula tatula. He says he will manage.

Ishan gives it to Antara. Antara says what he meant by that. If he doesn’t take care of his wound then he may need to cut his hand as wound is very deep.

Ishan back to Raghu. Raghu says without his permission no one can even cut his nail, hand is too far. Ishan asks what to say to Antara. Raghu tells him to stop being pigeon (messenger) and he will go and talk to Antara himself.

Ishan tells this to Antara and goes to sleep. Antara wonders why Raghu would come to her house. Raghu gives some gestures to her and Antara takes

them wrong way and thinks he wants a hug. She closes the balcony door. Raghu comes. Antara asks why you came here when I said no. Raghu says I will leave once I get what I came here to take. Antara gets scared and says I will scream, I will close police, I will wake everyone. Raghu goes towards her. She puts her hands on her lips and closes her eyes. Raghu takes his shirt and walks. Antara opens her eyes and runs to him. She asks so you came here to take your shirt? Raghu says yes what did you think? And why are you sending me all that spatula and all? Why all that sympathy for? There are many other people here who will need your sympathy. Antara says no.. I am leaving from here tomorrow. I learned a lot about your place already. I can’t risk any of my family members’ life, I have lost my father already… and you also wanted me to leave from here, so tomorrow I will leave this place. She closes the balcony door. Raghu recalls her words and leaves.

Antara’s aunty asks her if she is not sleepy. Antara tells her about her decision of leaving this place. Antara’s uncle-aunt ask her where she will live and how she will take care of her family. Antara says she had to take this decision because her dad gave her different life style and she can’t stay here where you can’t even raise your voice. Her uncle gives up and says he will get her Kashmir’s ticket.

Raghu cannot sleep and Antara’s decision of leaving this place is bothering him a lot. He seems very frustrated. Antara’s balcony door opens because of wind. She goes to close but Raghu is there and he pulls her out.

Raghu says her you are not going anywhere. Antara says what you mean? Raghu says don’t you get in one time? You said you’re leaving but you are not going anywhere. Antara says who are you to decide it? Raghu says I said you’re not going that means you’re not. Antara says I will. Raghu says I will see how you’re going. He tells her to go sleep and he leaves.

Antara comes to her mother. She says everything will be fine. We will leave this city.. we will leave everything behind. There is nothing in this city that we stay here. Raghu is playing harmonica as Antara falls asleep.

Next morning, Ishan tells his friends that he is going to Kashmir. His mother calls him.

Antara and her family are leaving. Her aunt gives some jewelries to her, but Antara says i have some money, just pray that my mother gets fine soon and I can fight with my life. Raghu comes with some construction workers. They announce that some construction is going on and no one will leave go out today. If they go out and anything happens to them, then they won’t be responsible for it. Antara’s uncle tells her she can’t leave today now. Antara and Raghu look at each other.

Precap: Antara tells Raghu we are leaving today only. She walks and something is about to fall on her but Raghu pulls her on last moment. :

Update Credit to: Maria

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