Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th July 2013 Written Update

Antara and Raghu get out of the car. Before Raghu says anything, Antara pushes him to the car and asks, how dare you to touch me? and why did you bring me in the car? Raghu now pushes her to the car and says, shut up. You really want to know? Want me to tell what was my intention? First I was thinking how to carry you. You sleep like a deadbody.. don’t wake up if someone takes your name. Antara asks, why did you want me to wake? He says, it was raining, garage is old, water was leaking, what else would I do beside waking you up? Antara says, you should have left me like that. Raghu says, then you also didn’t have to do treatment of my wounds. Why did you do it? Antara says, now I also think I shouldn’t have done that.. I was just helping you. But what did you think? that a girl touched

you so she will be yours? Raghu screams, ANTARA. Ishan comes out of the car. Antara is surprised. Raghu tells Antara, if you had any sense, then you would see I put your brother in the backseat as well. Antara says, I know very well what you did, why you did. Don’t need to give false excuses. Raghu says, there is samosa’s sauce still on your face.. if all that happened what you’re thinking, then it wouldn’t be there. Think twice before you say anything. Ishan asks what happened. Antara says nothing.

They are now leaving the garage. Antara doesn’t move. Raghu tells her if you plan to live here forever, then take permission from the owner. If not, then shall we go home? Antara finally walks. Raghu asks Antara to sit in his jeep, but Antara refuses and says, I will take an auto. Raghu says, if goons see you, then they won’t say you hello, hi and leave. Antara is walking too slow. Raghu goes ahead and sits in the jeep. Suddenly a goon comes and clashes with Antara. Later both realize that they have seen each other. Ishan tells Antara, it’s same bad man from yesterday. Goon is sure now. Antara tries to run away with Ishan, but the goon catches her hand. Antara screams and Raghu runs to save her. He asks the goon to leave her hand, the goon doesn’t. Raghu then pushes him back.

Antara runs with Ishan and they sit in the jeep. The goon calls his partner. His partner has a knife and is about to stab Raghu, but Antara comes in the jeep and hits the goon with a rod. She continues driving and asks Raghu to sit in it. She drives too fast and Raghu had to chase it to get in. After he sits in, him and Antara argue. Antara cannot believe she just hit anyone. Raghu says, like you never hit anyone. Antara remembers her slapping Raghu. She then says, I think I hit wrong guy.. I should have hit you instead. Raghu asks Ishan, if she bores him always like this. Antara says, don’t talk to him. Raghu says, so now you will tell me with whom to talk and all? Antara says, what about all the orders that you’ve been giving since we were in the garage. Do this, eat this, sit in the jeep. Raghu says, like you did what I said straight away. Antara says, why would I listen to you? Raghu says, if you sat in the jeep on time, then you would be at your house. Antara says, and what if those goons had beaten you? There’s long silence now and both look at each other as Antara realizes what she said.

They finally arrive at Govind’s house. Ishan asks if Antara can stay with him. Raghu annoyedly says, yes she can. One guy there is confused as Raghu brought Antara back. Tea stall owner says, Raghu is not someone whom you can easily understand. Antara gets off the jeep and is walking. Raghu sees wound on her hand as the goon had held her hand very tight. He calls her. Antara’s dupatta is stuck in the jeep, but she thinks Raghu stopped her using her dupatta. Antara asks, what are you doing? Raghu says, calling you. Antara says, I won’t come now. Raghu gets annoyed now and says, then go. Antara says, if you leave me, then I will leave. She turns back and sees her dupatta is stuck. She gets quiet. Raghu thanks Antara. Antara asks, what? Raghu now says, nothing.. leave from here now. Antara leaves. Ishan asks her, we will never go back to Kashmir now, right? Antara doesn’t answer.

They come in the house and everyone is happy seeing them. They also find out that Ishan has found out about his father’s death. Antara requests Ishan not to tell anything to her mother, but Ishan says, we need to tell her. She is still waiting for him. Antara explains, she is sick right now and if we tell the truth, she will get more sick. Once she’s fine we will tell her the truth.

Ishan’s mother comes and hugs him. Seeing her sad, Ishan says, I want to tell you something. Everyone gets worried. Ishan says, I got out on 0 run once and dad said, whenever your mood is not good.. give a big smile and laugh like crazy…and whatever is making you sad will get scared and will go away. Everyone smiles. Ishan’s mother hugs him and Antara.

Raghu is trying to apply haldi on his wound, but he can’t reach there. Antara is taking clothes from the balcony and sees him. When Raghu looks at her, she turns her eyes. One dupatta flies and falls on Raghu’s head. Raghu tells Antara, you threw this at me, right? Antara says, am I crazy. Raghu says, are you asking or telling. Antara leaves from there.

She requests Ishan to do one work for her. Antara again comes in the balcony and sees Raghu trying to fold the dupatta. Ishan comes to Raghu. Raghu says, it’s good you came.. take this and give it to your sister. And tell her.. He stops and says, leave it.. don’t say anything. Otherwise again her rubbish will start. Ishan gives Raghu some wooden thing and says, didi said if you use this, then it will be easier to reach to your wound and apply haldi. Raghu takes it. Both Antara and Raghu look at each other.

Precap: Everyone is sleeping in Antara’s house. Raghu comes. Antara asks him to leave. Raghu says, I will leave but after I get what I came here to take. Antara puts her hands on her lips and nods her head to say NO WAY. She asks him to leave. Raghu goes closer and Antara gets scared. :

Update Credit to: Simmy

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