Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya knowing Antara’s name and looking out for her while Antara is with Raghu. Satya sees Raghu with a girl and says oh.. so Raghu is with his miss call. Raghu asks Antara for a kiss, she runs away. Antara leaves and Satya comes to Raghu. Satya asks him his love story. He says I heard you talking on the phone and enacts him. Raghu asks him not to interfere in his personal life. Satya says what would you do if I interfere. Raghu gets annoyed. Satya says tell me what will you do. Raghu says Sahib, let me go. Satya stops him and says you know me, tell me how is your miss call, describe her. He says ok, I will describe her and you nod. He says some traits and Raghu is silent. Satya calls the girl an item and says how did I miss her.

He says if I saw her

before you, I would have… Raghu gets angry and beats him. Satya gets hurt and Raghu says how dare you think about her, I love her, I can die and kill anyone for her. Satya says you can die, so be it now. Satya and Raghu have a fight. Everyone gather seeing their fight. Satya loses the fight and falls. Antara comes and sees the fight. Satya sees a rod and as Raghu turns… Antara sees Satya taking the rod and is about to hit Raghu. Daya Maai calls Satya and comes there. Antara says this is Satya, Maai’s son.

Satya throws the rod and Raghu looks at Maai. Satya asks Raghu to give him a hand to lift him up. Satya gets up an sees the blood as he got hurt. Maai says Sahib, lets go from here. Satya says the game is not over, and I can’t leave the game till the result comes. Maai says lets go home, come on. Satya leaves with her. Maai looks at Raghu and leaves. Antara sends Ishaan inside the house. She sees Raghu.

Maai is taking care of Satya’s wound and asks who started the fight. He says sometimes the fights and wounds are necessary. Maai asks what happened in between you both. Satya does not answer her. Maai says what are you replying, who started the fight. Satya says what will you do. He says you won’t understand. Maai says I will understand if you talk to me bring my son. Satya taunts her and says don’t call me your son Daya Maai. Maai leaves. Satya sees his wound and is hurt. He says it looks Raghu loves miss call a lot.

Antara takes care of Raghu’s wounds and asks him how did this happen. He says I don’t want to tell. She says you got hurt, what happened that you both started fighting. Raghu says what will you do knowing it. He says see miss call, I m fine. He says I forgot what happened, you also forget and don’t ask again. She says ok, I won’t ask. She sees another wound and panics. She tears her dupatta and ties around his wound. He asks Antara to say something, She says I won’t say anything, so what you want. Raghu leaves and Antara talks to MachMach.

Antara says I asked him about the fight. MachMach says he did not fight today, Satya started the fight. MachMach tells her about Raghu’s relation with Sahib. Antara feels sad.

MachMach says Raghu is Maai’s favourite as he works hard, even Sahib tried but could not take Raghu’s place. He tells her about their childhood. MachMach leaves. Antara says Raghu’e tension is mine, and its all about male ego. The next morning, Satya meets Raghu on the dining table and asks Raghu to have food. He taunts Raghu. Raghu looks on and stops. Satya says why did you stop, will you punch me again.

Raghu says if I beat you, Maai will be hurt and I can’t hurt Maai. Satya says good Raghu. He says tell me about your miss call. Raghu gets angry. Satya says tell me in detail. Raghu comes to him and says Sahib, don’t take her name again. Satya says ok, else what.. Satya sees the dupatta tied on Raghu’s hand and is shocked.

Satya meets Antara and calls him Satya. He says no one call me Satya but you can.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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