Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 11th July 2013 Written Update

Antara realizes and breaks free from the hug..Raghu smiles.. He sarcastically says it was a rat only and moves.. Antara all scared follows him.. Raghu accidentally drops a bottle and antara gets scared.. Raghu again smiles seeing her.. Antara moves towards ishaan who is sleeping.. Raghu comes to her and asks her not to scream or else she will not only wake her brother up but will end up inviting shetty’s men inside.. Raghu opens the door to hear shetty’s men discussing that they will be waiting he whole night there.. He comes inside only to find antara also sleeping.. Raghu finds a bottle of water and a cloth piece and is trying to clean his wound when antara suddenly wakes up and notices this..

She remembers how he got hurt saving them and also her father’s words to ishaan..

She goes to him and says she’ll do it but he refuses..antara insists and take the piece from him..she sees the would and wonders what to do..she takes something (think its grease) and applies on the wound (mahi tune in bg).. She is about to tear her dupatta when Raghu asks if she watches a lot of movies and gives her his hanky.. She ties it around (like seen in IF video) and there is eyelock.. Raghu says she doesn’t know to say sorry..antara says he needn’t as it doesn’t suit him and also that she helped him since her dad had taught her..

Raghu finds samosa and asks antara if she wants but she refuses saying she can wait till morning..Raghu asks her again but she doesn’t reply.. He sits right in front of her and eats.. Antara watches him and keeps making faces..Raghu asks her last time but she refuses..Raghu goes out and pretends to sleep.. antara searches the packet and when she doesn’t find samosa curses Raghu for eating all.Raghu suddenly brings a samosa in front if her face..she refuses again and so he leaves it on the table and goes outside again pretending to sleep.. Antara picks up the samosa and is about to eat when Raghu says there is chutney on table.. Antara finally eats it..
She’s about to move when she sees the chuha again and screams getting on top of the stool..Raghu says its only chuha..she gets down and goes to throw the newspaper and accidentally stamps raghus leg and so apologizes and leaves

Its starts to rain and Raghu notices that its falling inside as well from the holes on the roof.. He picks up ishaan and puts him in backseat of the car..he comes back and puts out his hand stopping a droplet of water falling on antaras face.. He tries waking her up but when she doesn’t has no option but to carry her out..Raghu is unable to take his eyes off a sleeping antara..he slowly places her in the cars front seat and its sits onto the drivers seat.. Antara in sleep keeps her head on Raghu shoulder and holds his hands tightly.. Raghu tries waking her up but in vain..

Next morning Raghu wakes up and tries waking up both ishaan and antara but when they don’t he sounds the horn so much that antara finally wakes up and is shocked seeing Raghu so close and finding herself in the car..

Precap : Antara argues with Raghu on how come he touched her.. She says that just because she helped him fix his would doesn’t mean that she was giving him lift.. Raghu gets angry and screams her name.. :

Update Credit to: Preetz

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