Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya arguing with Maai. She asks him to get ready for the idol placing ceremony. Maai comes to Antara’s house with Raghu. Antara greets Maai and welcomes her. Maai asks Raghu to sit. Noor comes and greets them. Antara gives kashmiri tea to Maai and Raghu. Raghu says you will like it. Maai says something is missing in this. She says it needs Kesar. Antara says I…. Maai says I have drank it before by kashmiri people. Noor says we don’t get kesar here and its costly. Antara says I will make something else for you. Maai says its ok and says I accept anything. Antara smiles. Maai says I accept you. Raghu smiles. Noor is happy.

Maai says our first meeting was not good, I did not like you, but now I thought to forget everything and make a new start on

this Navratri. Antara says yes. Raghu says Maai does the puja every year. Maai asks Antara to do the arrangements this year. Antara says ok. Maai asks will you not be able to do.. Antara says I will do it. Maai gives her the responsibility. Maai says I want to see your talent. She says you will get the prize after nine days. Antara asks what prize. Maai says every work has a prize. Antara says its not work for me, I need your blessings from you.

Maai says I will pray that you come close to every truth. Maai acts sweet and leaves. Raghu asks Antara why is she tensed and asks her to relax. Maai thinks everything will be fine for me as she is going to bring out truth and lies in this Navratri. Satya is with MachMach and asks him from where did he get the clothes. MachMach asks don’t you like this. Satya disapproves the clothes and tries one. He dislikes them and says its tight and would suit Raghu. MachMach says I will make them altered. Satya says no need.

Satya talks to MachMach and MachMach says I will leave now. Satya asks MachMach about misscall. He asks who is misscall. MachMach says I don’t know really. Satya says recollect, maybe you know and heard it anywhere. MachMach lies to him and jokes. MachMach leaves. Antara is doing the arrangements. Antara asks Raghu did I forget anything. Raghu says yes, cold water. He says cool down and don’t take much tension. She says I don’t need your help.

Raghu holds Antara’s hand and says you look good when you shout on me. Antara smiles. She says we won’t be able to do any work if we continue talking. Someone calls Raghu. Antara asks him to do some work. He agrees and leaves. Satya sees Antara and Raghu waving each other. He comes to her but till then she goes to her house. Maai is ready and says Satya you are looking nice, lets go for the aarti. He says me in aarti. Maai says yes, lets go. She takes him with her.

Maai does the aarti and calls Satya to do the aarti. He does the aarti while everyone are chanting. Raghu takes the aarti from Satya. Antara comes there with Ishaan. Antara does the aarti and Satya sees her. Satya tries to talk to Antara as she gives him prasad. She sees him and says you.. He says I was looking out for you. He says thanks for yesterday. She says its ok, are you fine. He says no, I m not fine. She asks are you hurt. He says no, something happened that I don’t know. He thanks her and talks to her. MachMach announces about the Navratri and its programs. Antara leaves. Satya says she disappeared again. He thinks its his imagination. He gets her watch and keeps it. Ishaan meets Satya and says this is my sister’s watch.

Satya says where is your sister. Raghu and Antara are together. He says I did not see you in morning. She says shall I go now. Raghu stops her and says I want that. She asks what. He says that comes after love happens. Antara says marriage. He says before marriage while in romance. He says a kiss. Antara is shocked. Raghu looks on.

Raghu and Satya are having a fight. Antara is tensed seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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