Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th July 2013 Written Update

RanTara and Ishan ishiding behind a wall and a man with knife is looking for them.Antara closes her eyes and Raghu keeps staring at her.A man comes there and tells the man with knife that they might be in the opposite direction and they go from there.Raghu tells Antara to open her eyes and that they left.Ragu holds Antara’s hand and they keep looking at each other.Raghu leaves her hand after sometime and closes the gate.Antara tells Ishan that they have left and he doesn’t need to tension.Ishan asks if they are terrorists.Antara replies that they are not terrorists.Raghu tells that they are just goons.Ishan asks Antara what would have happened if the she got hurt by the bullet?He tells that she would have left him like his father.Antara tells that their father will come back.Ishan tells

that he knows that his father won’t come back.Ishan tells Antara that Raghu told him this.

Everyone in home gets worried hearing that RanTara were attacked.Raghu’s friend tells them not to worry as Raghu is with him.He tells that he will inform them if he gets more information.
Ishan tells Antara to tell the truth.Antara cries and tells that he won’t come back.Antara tells Ishan to lie down.Ishan asks Antara why did she lie to her?Antara says sorry to him and tells him that she couldn’t think of anything at that time.Ishan asks what will happen if they forget their father’s face.Antara tells that they will never forget him.Antara tells Ishan to close his eyes.She tells him to think of their father.Ishan thniks of moments spent with his father.Antara tells that hewill always be with them.

After Ishan sleeps she asks Raghu what did he tell Ishan?Raghu replies that he told him what he needed to.Antara asks who is he to speak about her family?Raghu asks why did she give false hope to Ishan?Antara tells that Ishan is her brother and she will say what ever she will feel right.She tells Raghu not to go near Ishan.He puts his shirt on Ishan and tells Antara that he went near him for this.Antara tells that they were controlling Ishan.He tells Antara that they didn’t have the courage to tell the truth to Ishan.

Antara tells that for him her brother won’t be a ten year old kid now.For him he came to know of his father’s death.Raghu tells that she needs to let Ishan grow up.Raghu tells that she needs a man in her life.Antara tells that she doesn’t need any man or him in her life.She tells that she can look after he family.At that time she sees a rat and gets scared and hugs Raghu.

She opens her eyes after sometime and episode ends.

Precap : She is tying a cloth on Raghu’s wound and eye lock happens.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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