Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 9th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the family mourning over Daaju’s death. Baburaam and his family comes there. Maa looks around for Shivani. She is pained to see Shivani sadness. Vivek asks her to meet babyji later. Shivani is seen sitting shocked. Panna tai cries. Mahima looks at Shivani and starts acting. She tells Shivani that they are with her always. Don’t think you are alone. Baburaam did a bit of acting and says he will take care of her. Raghu takes Baburaam away from Shivani. Someone comes and sits beside Doctor uncle. Doctor uncle goes with him in a corner. He says he did a notary according to Rana saheb sayings. Doctor uncle thanks him. He says he didn’t understand why Rana saheb wrote a condition that Shivani have to spend three months with Raghu. And if she

didn’t live with him, then everything will be on Raghu’s name. Mahima and Jazz are shocked. He says surely Shivani can’t live with Raghu and says did Rana saheb wanted to give everything to Raghu. Doctor uncle says he can’t understand and says his friend wrote Shivani’s destiny while going. He knows Raghu will be part of Shivani’s life and then they will not seperate. He says he will read out the will after the last rites of Rana saheb.

Shivani is sitting lost and shell shocked. Gini thinks it is such a big house. Servant offers drink, Gini and Bella takes it. Jazz tells Mahima that he have lost. Mahima says she will get Raghu’s signatures, and asks him to stop Parimal uncle from reading the will. Jazz says there is only one way, they have to get the new will from parimal uncle. Raghu hears them and says give the fire to Malik saa lifeless body with pure heart. Mahima asks him to be in his limits. Raghu says he is in his limits but you two have crossed every limit of shame. Jazz raise his hand on Raghu, Raghu hold his hand and says he didn’t tell anything to Shivani about them as he don’t want her to break from inside. Mahima says we have to get the new will somehow else our plan will be finished.

Shivani is staring at Daaju’s dead body and recalls the moments spent with him. She asks him whether he will leave her like her parents. Daaju says I won’t leave you. Shivani asks him to promise. He promised her. Shivani gets tears in her eyes now. She comes near Daaju’s body while the sad song of Do Dil bandhe ek dori se plays in the BG. Shivani tells Daaju that you are a liar, you promised me that you will never leave me. You never broke any promise made to your Shivani then why you broke this promise.

Raghu looks on. Shivani says you can’t leave me, you can’t break the promise. I will never hurt you, will do as you say. She asks him to open his eyes. She cries throughout and falls down. Panna tai, Maa and Raghu rushes to her. Panna tai asks the servant to get water immediately. Raghu brings her to her home, Panna tai cries and asks her to wake up. Gini looks at the room decor. Raghu asks them to go and let babyji take rest. He tells Panna tai that he will get doctor uncle. Servant informs Doctor uncle that Shivani is unconscious. Mahima and Jazz comes on his way to stop him. She asks him to listen to them. She asks him to come with them. Meanwhile Raghu searches for Doctor uncle. Mahima and Jazz ties Doctor uncle on the chair and asks him to give the new will. Doctor uncle says you might know that there is nothing for you in the new will. Mahima says only they knows about the will, and says what is the need to tell others about the will. Jazz offers him money. Doctor uncle refuses. Mahima threatens him that anything can happen to him anytime. Doctor uncle starts fighting with jazz, Mahima hits him. He runs off, Jazz follows him.

Someone tells Raghu that doctor uncle was with Jazz. Raghu is shocked. Mahima stops him and says he went from here. Raghu doesn’t believe her. Doctor uncle is driving his car, meanwhile jazz is following her in another car. Panna tai is taking care of Shivani, Shivani wakes up and says she wants to go to her Daaju. She starts leaving. Panna tai asks Raghu to call doctor uncle as shivani is in shock. Still Jazz is following doctor uncle. Raghu calls Doctor uncle, but his phone slips down in the car. Raghu tells Panna tai that Doctor saheb didn’t tell anything and he heard the car voice. Doctor uncle bends down to pick his phone, just then a truck comes from the opposite direction and Doctor uncle car falls down the other road. Jazz looks on.

Shivani tells Raghu that she is feeling thirstly and asks him to bring water for her. Raghu says ok. He comes to the shop and asks the vendor to give the mineral water. He looks for his wallet but doesn’t find it. Shivani asks what we will do now?

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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