Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 8th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Daaju telling Raghu that he knows that he can protect Shivani all his life. Raghu says yes. Daaju asks him to promise that he will be with Shivani like a shadow, will protect her from troubles, will take care of her. Mahima wonders what might be Daaju speaking with Raghu. Jazz says he will splash water on our plan. It is not good that he got fine. Daaju asks Raghu to fulfill his last wish. Raghu asks him to take rest. Daaju asks him to promise that he will take care of Shivani. Raghu asks what are you saying? How can I? Daaju says he can’t trust on anybody except him, no one is there for them, who can take care of Shivani. Daaju asks him to promise. Raghu is in thoughts. Daaju insists him to promise. Suddenly Daaju starts sinking,

Raghu panics and holds Daaju’s hand. He says I promise you that everything will happen as you wants. He says I promise you that I will be with babyji until I am alive. I won’t let her suffer, I won’t let her face any troubles, will take care of her, never leave her alone. Don’t leave us alone. Daaju smiles and feels relieved. Raghu holds his hand and cries. Daaju says my blessings are with you both and keeps his hand on Raghu’s head and passes peacefully. Raghu is shocked and calls his name Malik saa Malik saa.

Raghu looks at Daaju and recalls the promised he has made to Daaju. He cries and says don’t worry about babyji. I promise you Malik saa that I will never break my promise. He tearfully closes his eyes,while still holding his hand.

Maa is looking outside the window. Bella comes and asks why you didn’t sleep yet? Maa says she tried to sleep but couldn’t sleep. Gini suggests she should have go to the hospital. Bella says why you are worrying, they are rich people Rana ji will get fine soon. Maa says humanity is something. Bella says my brother’s life is spoiled and you are worried for Shivani. Maya calls Maa and informs her that Daaju passed away. Maa gets shocked. Bella takes the call and is shocked to hear what Maya says. Maa says don’t know how will Shivani take Daaju’s death.

Meanwhile Shivani is shell shocked to know about Daaju’s death. Baburaam sheds fake tears. Vivek takes him. Shivani says how can Daaju leave me and go. I did a mistake but I apologize for it. He would have punish me and I wouldn’t have cry. Panna tai says Malik saa was angry with you. He came to know about the truth. Mahima starts acting and cries. Raghu looks at Shivani.

Vivek asks Baburaam to have strength. Baburaam says he made the plan so that Ranaji accepts Raghu and Shivani’s relation and blames the God. Vivek says if anything hears it then.. Baburaam says his dream had broken.

While Raghu is talking on the phone, Jazz and Mahima asks Raghu to sign on the papers. Someone comes and asks the family members to sign to take Daaju’s body. Jazz says he will sign. Doctor uncle comes and snatches papers from Jazz’s hands. He asks Raghu to sign on the papers. And tells Raghu that Balwant got the heart attack because of them. He is not with us because of them. Raghu says I know, because they got us married. Doctor says no, they got you married to Shivani for their selfish motives and tells their plans. He tells Raghu that they are even with Abhi in their plan.

Doctor uncle then reads the will papers and says you have crossed all limits of shame. Jazz says this property is Shivani and me, I can do what I wants. He asks Raghu to sign, Raghu recalls everything and grabs Jazz’s collar in anger. Raghu says Malik saa named the property on babyji’s name. She is not alone, I am with her. Mahima asks him to be in his limits. Raghu asks him to stay away from babyji else he will forget their relation with Shivani. Mahima says you don’t forget that you are a servant of our house. Doctor uncle tells that you will get to know your value after the last rites of Balwant.

Shivani says you can’t break your promise. You can’t leave me alone and go. She falls unconscious. Maa and Raghu go to her.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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