Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahima coming to Jazz and says that Nurse told her that Dadaji’s condition is very weak. Jazz says it means we have to take Raghu’s sign immediately. He says I think he dropped the papers, Mahima says we shall search for the papers.

Vivek comes to Baburaam and asks him to have samosas. Baburaam asks where is the plate and scolds him. Someone puts the papers on the chair and tells Shivani. Shivani looks at it. Baburaam and Vivek comes to her. Baburaam asks is this paper important to you? He serves the samosas to Shivani on the property papers, Mahima and Jazz are shocked. Baburaam offers them samosas but Mahima rufuses. Baburaam tells them to eat so that they can take care of Dadaji. Mahima asks jazz to get the new papers.


asks Gini about Raghu. Gini nods no. Sumitra asks whether Shivani went from their home? Gini says babyji went to the hospital as her Dadaji is unwell. Sumitra says I know and hopes that her Dadaji gets fine soon. She says I know Raghu and Shivani’s marriage is fake. Gini says how can marriage be fake. Sumitra says Raghu told him that his marriage is fake. Gini is shocked. Sumitra says she is waiting for the day when she will marry Raghu. Sumitra says Raghu wants to marry her and she can do anything for him. Gini thanks her for having faith on Raghu.

Some lady comes and steals Shivani’s belongings. Bella comes to Maa and see her lost in thoughts. she tells her that Rana ji will be fine soon, dont be tensed. Gini comes and tells that Sumitra said she knows everything that Raghu bhaiyya’s marriage is fake ready to marry him. Bella gets happy and says it is a good news.

Mahima calls Jazz and asks him when he will come. Jazz tells her that the papers are ready, he will come soon. Maa tells Gini that Ranaji is fine. She tells that she is preparing food to send to the hospital and worries for Raghu.

Shivani rests her head on Raghu’s shoulder. Panna tai sees it. Raghu tells her, let Babyji sleep. Sumitra comes there and sees them. panna tai tells Raghu that she will take care of her.

While Raghu is leaving, Shivani saree pallu gets entangle in Raghu’s watch. Raghu comes to Sumitra and asks her why she is here. Sumitra says she brought the food for him. Meanwhile Doctor uncle enters Daaju’s ward with another doctor. Sumitra asks Raghu to make Shivani eat the food too. Raghu thanks her. Jazz and Mahima comes and asks Raghu to do the important work. Raghu tells Sumitra to wait in the waiting room and he will come. Daaju recalls Jazz’s doings and Raghu words that whatever babyji did was to save the property. Daaju tells Doctor to call Raghu as he wants to meet him. He insists that he wants to talk something important. Doctor says ok. Daaju says he don’t have much time.

Raghu is about to sign on the property papers again. Doctor uncle comes to Shivani and says that Rana saheb wants to meet Raghu. Vivek comes and informs Raghu that Ranaji wants to talk to you. Raghu leaves without signing on the papers. Doctor asks Raghu to meet him. Raghu go to meet Daaju and looks at him. Raghu folds his hand and asks for forgiveness. He says believe me I never wanted to hurt you, to hurt you respect. Daaju looks at him emotionally. Daaju says you don’t need to apologize. I am not upset with you. I want to request you. Raghu tells him to order. Daaju says Doctor always said that I can’t plan Shivani’s future but he don’t know that I can secure Shivani’s future here in the ICU too. He says I don’t know I have some breath but I won’t fail before securing Shivani’s future. He asks Raghu to accept his saying. Raghu says I will give my life for you. Daaju says your life is precious and I know you will take care of Shivani all your life. He asks Raghu to promise him that he will be with her till his last breath. be with her like a shadow, to save her from all troubles, take care of her. He asks him to promise him. Raghu is shocked. Daaju asks him to promise.

Raghu promises Daaju that he will be with babyji until he is alive. Will take care of her always.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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