Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani drinking Bhaang and sees three Raghu. She thinks, it is difficult to speak my heart to one Raghu and here there are three Raghu’s. Shivani gets childish under he influence of Bhaang. Raghu says, you are not well. Come home with me. Shivani says, I am fine and very happy. When you are with me, then I don’t get afraid of anything. I can fight with the world. Raghu asks her to stand properly. Shivani says, it is not my fault. World is moving. She starts walking on the stairs wall. Raghu says, you will fall. Everyone looks on. Shivani is laughing.

Raghu says, we will go home. Shivani says thandai is very awesome. Get one for me. Raghu says, you aren’t well. Shivani says, my health is fine now. She sits on the ground and says I

won’t go home. I won’t go home by walk or car, I will go home on your goad/lap. Raghu says, please get up. Everyone are watching. Shivani laughs. Shivani says let everyone see. I will tell my feelings to everyone. She says, Raghu is the best person in this world. Raghu will take me in his arms because I love Raghu very much. She falls in his arms. Do Dil Bandhe plays………….They have an eye lock.

Shivani says, you are very good Raghu. No one is like you. Raghu says, I will take you. Shivani keeps on saying you are good. She falls unconscious. Raghu takes her in his arms and takes her home. Mahima says, they are coming closer. Our bhaang plan have backfired. Lata does the aarti of the new tempo. Baburaam breaks the coconut.

Raghu makes her rest on the bed. Shivani says, you are a good human being and looks good too. Raghu asks her to sleep. Shivani says, sit with me. Raghu says, I will call Panna tai. Shivani says, please sit for 5 mins. Raghu agrees and asks her to sleep. Shivani looks lovingly at Raghu which makes him feel unconfortable. Aunty peeps in her room. Raghu says, I will go now.

Shivani keeps her finger on his lips and asks him to sit quiet. Shivani holds his hand and says I am trying to say something to you. She says, I didn’t think that I will get a reason to be happy. She says, when you are with me then I don’t need anything in life. Shivani says, I can go with you without any fear. I got my identity. I am your Raghu Seherya’s wife. Narayani Namasthute……………………plays. Aunty and Mahima are annoyed. Raghu is shocked by Shivani’s revelation. Shivani says, I love you very much. Shivani hugs him. Raghu is shell shocked. Shri Raghavan Sita Pati plays…………………Raghu makes her sleep on the bed.

Raghu is shocked and recalls her love confession. In the morning, Shivani wakes up and feels a hang over. She wonders where is Raghu. Raghu is packing her clothes. Shivani comes to him and asks, what happened yesterday. Raghu says nothing. She asks, where are you going? Raghu says, nothing. Shivani asks him to say. Raghu gets angry and says please make yourself understand that I am Maliksaa’s servant and your’s too. I don’t want anything. Raghu says, it was wrong. It can’t happen. I am going. Shivani asks him to stop and asks him what did I do? I want to know. Raghu says nothing. Shivani says, what happened? I want to know.

Raghu says, you said that you love me. I know that you didn’t mean it. You said under the influence of Bhaang. I am going. It is good if we both forget it. Shivani asks him to stop. Shivani says, if you think that I confessed to you in unconscious state then now I will tell you in fully conscious state. She gets tears in her eyes. She says, I really love you. Raghu is shocked.

Shivani says, you were whatever to Daaju but now you are my husband. Nobody can snatch the right of your wife from me.……

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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