Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Baburaam coming to the haveli and asks tells Mahima that Jazz hits his tempo. He asks for the money. Raghu asks him to go home. Jazz blames Baburaam for parking the tempo on the road. Baburaam says, I will file a case and send you to jail. Baburaam sits on the floor. Raghu asks him to get up and says I will give the money. Mahima gets angry and asks him to go else she will call the police. Shivani intervenes and tells Jazz that babuji suffered a loss because of you. She tells Baburaam that she will get the money. Shivani gives him 25000 Rs. Baburaam is happy and thanks her. Raghu says, why you are giving so much money? Baburaam asks him to shut up. Aunty says, Raghu and Baburaam are same. Raghu says sorry to Shivani on Baburaam’s behalf.

Shivani says, he didn’t do anything wrong and have just asked money for the loss. She gives an example of Daaju. Shivani tells Mahima and Jazz that I am going to office and will meet in the evening.

Raghu thinks I will support babyji in her endeavor and will not let anything bad happen to her. He thinks of some big project for her. Kabra comes to Raghu and says as Shivaniji is coming regularly to office, we shall start Daaju’s dream project beam of hope for girls. Raghu is happy and says Shivani will be happy. Kabra says, if this project approves then we will start it soon. Raghu says, I want to give the presentation for the project. Kabra says, you didn’t give any presentation before. Raghu assures him that he will try his best. Kabra agrees.

Rupesh comes to Maya and Vivek and says I found a home for you at a cheaper rate. He praises the home and says it is 2 floor 6BHK room with marble flooring. They are happy. Rupesh asks them to guess the price of the house? Vivek says, it might be costly, worth 25-30 lakhs.. Rupesh says, but we will get it for 10 lakhs and goes on to lie about his friend selling the house. Maya says, I don’t have much money now. Rupesh says, you have to give 30000 Rs token now and then 10000 monthly installment. He says, we will pay when Raghu bhaiyya gets the money. Maya asks Vivek to give 30000 to Rupesh. Vivek says, it is for emergency. Maya says, I will get it. Maya gives the money to Rupesh.

Baburaam comes home and calls Lata.He gives the jalebis and sweets to Lata. He tells Bella that I am distributing the sweets for the accident of my tempo. Bella asks, are you joking? Baburaam praises his destiny. He says, I got 25000 Rs for the loss. Lata asks, who have paid the money? Baburaam says, Jaswant Rana. Rupesh looks on surprised. Lata says, you didn’t do the right thing and scolds him. Baburaam asks him to get tea with jalebi and samosas. Rupesh thinks to loot him. He praises Baburaam for his wit. Rupesh goes on to praise him. He asks him to buy a new tempo at low cost. He tells about his fake friend. Baburaam falls in his trap.

Kabra tells Shivani that Raghu is practising for the presentation of Daaju’s dream project. Shivani says, it is Dream project of Daaju. She comes to Raghu and finds him having a bad time reading the presentation. Raghu says, bheem of op rather than beam of hope. Shivani smiles and says beam of hope. She explains him of its meaning. Raghu says, ok I understand umeed ki kiran, beam of hope. Shivani asks, who the hell told you to prepare for the presentation? How did you think you will give the presentation? Raghu says, I am trying and will learn. Shivani says, I will give the presentation and not you. Raghu says, babyji, you didn’t give presentation before…..Shivani says, I have seen Daaju giving the presentation. And I know how to speak in english. She reads the presentation.

Raghu says it is good but everything doesn’t happens only with english. He says, you didn’t know anything about this project. It will be very difficult for you. You can’t do it, take rest. Shivani says, I don’t get scared to do hard work. This is my Daaju’s dream project so I will put my strength on it. I will give the presentation. She leaves. Raghu says, I know, no one can do it better than you. For you it is a responsibility to fulfill your Daaju’s dream and I am sure you will fulfilled his dreams.

Shivani says, I didn’t give presentation before but I have to do it. She gives strength to herself and says I can give a better presentation than Raghu.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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