Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 6th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Panna tai telling Raghu that what we will answer to babyji about the burnt kheer. Mahima scolds Panna tai and says what will say to Shivani now. Raghu says, tell babyji that Panna tai is bringing the kheer. Mahima asks, are you mad? Will you make her eat the burnt kheer? Raghu says, did you heard the saying….jo log dusron ke liye qadda khodte hain usme khud hi gir jaate hai ( If you dug the land for someone else then you only will fall in it). Mahima asks, what do you mean? Raghu shows the kheer to Mahima. Mahima is shocked. Raghu smells it and says it is wonderful……Raghu’s winning music plays. Raghu asks Panna tai to give kheer to babyji. He says, I kept it in the fridge. He shows her bangle bead and says it might have fallen from

your bangle when was burning the kheer? What will happen if I tell this to babyji. He threatens her indirectly.

Shivani eats the kheer and says it is very tasty. Raghu smiles. Mahima thinks, I won’t let you win so easily. She asks Shivani to eat more and asks Raghu to serve it. Shivani asks her to eat as well. Mahima says, how can I eat, Raghu prepared it for only you. Shivani is surprised and says it is prepared by Panna tai. Panna tai keeps her head low. Mahima says, you don’t know anything. That’s why you are eating this kheer with so much enthusiasm. I couldn’t eat it. Raghu was making kheer since evening. She thinks I changed its taste, it will be thrown away now. Shivani smiles and says Kheer is very tasty. She eats it to Mahima’s shock. Raghu thanks her and smiles a little. Shivani says, atleast you remember your place in this house that you are a servant here. And this is your real work. Mahima smiles. Shivani says, what is wrong in eating servant prepared food. Raghu is insulted by her. Mahima and Jazz say that they will eat the kheer prepared by the servant.

In the morning, Shivani wakes up to go to the office. She greets Mahima. Mahima gives her juice. Shivani says I am not hungry. Mahima says, you woke up early today. She asks her to go late to the office. Shivani says, I am boss here because of Daaju and that’s why I have to prove myself and learn so much. If I follow discipline then the employees also will be discipline.

Jazz is driving the car. Mahima calls him and asks him to do something about the money and property. Jazz says, I will do something soon. He hits Baburaam’s tempo and Baburaam falls down. Baburaam asks Jazz to come out of the car and asks for money. Jazz says, you are at fault. Why you parked the tempo here. Baburaam asks him to pay for the damages and lies on the road. He demands 15000 Rs. Jazz runs away in his car. Baburaam says, you betrayed me but I won’t leave until you pay for the damages.

Shivani is working. Raghu comes and says I got a diary for you. You can write about the important work in the diary. Shivani asks him to keep the old fashioned diary with him. She says, nowadays we set reminders on our mobile. Raghu says, I know but I am saying this as Maliksaa used to write in the diary. Shivani takes the diary. Raghu gives her a pen. Shivani says, it is Daaju’s pen. Raghu says, yes but you have the right on it. Shivani tries to write with the pen but it doesn’t work. Raghu says, I will fill its ink. Shivani says, I will put the ink. Ink falls on her hands. Raghu wipes her hand with the cloth. Shivani says, I will wash my hands.

Rupesh tells Baburaam that you will get a brand new tempo on installments. Baburaam is happy. Maya and Vivek look surprised..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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