Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Rupesh taking Maya and Vivek to the under construction building. He shows them a flat and says it will be yours. Maya and Vivek get happy seeing the building. They thank him. Rupesh says, there is one small problem. This flat is my friend’s. He said he will give the flat but we have to give the token amount 6 Lakhs Rupees. They get tensed. Rupesh says, I will refused him then. Maya says wait. Maya tells Vivek that they will sell the stolen medicines and give the money. Vivek agrees. Rupesh says, I will call my friend then. He pretends to talk to his friend Pramod and then congrats them.

Shivani is calling Raghu’s number but his phone is not reachable. Shivani worries for him. Panna tai asks her to eat. Shivani says I am not hungry and

will sleep. Shivani calls him again. She thinks to get a new sim for Raghu. Mahima comes with fruits and asks Shivani to eat it. Shivani gets angry and throws the fruit plate on the floor. She asks her not to act next time. She says, whenever you come infront of me. I remember that you should be out of the house. Don’t show me your face again. Mahima feels insulted. Aunty asks Mahima, what happened? Mahima says, she insulted me and asked me to get out. This is happening because of Raghu. Aunty says, their closeness is dangerous for us. We will find a way out. Mahima says, it is not in your hands now.

Shivani is sitting in the haveli’s garden and listens to the radio playing near by. She smiles listening about love and imagines her moments with Raghu. DJ says, you should confess your love. Shivani says, I will confess to Raghu about my heart. She walks out of the house. Raghu comes on his bike. Shivani hides her face with the bike lights. Raghu looks at her and asks, are you fine? What are you doing on the road. Shivani says, I am fine but my mind is not fine. I want to see you once. She gets scared with the storm’s sound and hugs Raghu. Do Dil Bandhe plays………………….babyji weather is bad. Lets go inside. Shivani says, no. I want to say………………..Rain starts. Shivani enjoys the rain and is happy. Raghu asks her to come inside. Shivani says, I want to tell you now itself. Raghu covers her head with file and asks her to come inside. Shivani asks him to listen. Raghu looks at her. Shivani says I love you Raghu. Raghu is starled. She says I love you……………………..

Hum Tere Bin Ab Rehnahi sakte…………..Aashiqui 2…..Plays…..Shivani comes closer to him. Raghu holds her hands and is moved in love. Tera Mera Rishta continues to play…………………….They are about to kiss each other but Shivani’s imagination ends with Raghu’s voice. Her confession was her imagination.

Raghu asks her to come inside. He takes her inside. Shivani says, I want to talk to you something. I am feeling strange. She says, my heart beating have increased. My BP have increased. Raghu says, did you do the check up done by the doctor? Shivani says, I have become numb since you have come here. Raghu says, it is because of rain. Shivani thinks, how to make him understand about her love. She thinks he is stupid. Raghu asks her to come. Shivani looks at him and says I really……..

Panna tai comes and their talk is interrupted. Raghu asks Panna tai to take her as her clothes are wet. Panna tai takes her. Shivani is drying her hairs, Panna tai brings soup for her. Shivani says, I will give to Raghu. Panna tai says, I already gave him and he is drinking. She dries her hairs and tells about Maha Shivratri fast for a good husband. Shivani says, what about those women who have good husband? Panna tai says, they keep the fast for their husband’s long life. Shivani determines to confess her love to Raghu. Shivani says, I got a husband like Shiv ji but realized it now. Shivani thinks to keep the fast for her husband Raghu.


Mahima asks the girl to give Bhaang glasses to Raghu. Shivani drinks two glass bhaang and sees three Raghu. She counts 1 2 3 Raghu.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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