Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu coming to his room and sees Shivani putting the bedsheet on the bed. Raghu says, I will do it. Shivani says, you will sleep on this bed. I know you sleep on the chatai. Raghu says, how did you know? Shivani says, Panna tai told me. Raghu says, I can’t sleep on Maliksaa’s bed. Shivani says, you will sleep here. This is my decision. Raghu agrees. Panna tai feels happy and thinks they are made for each other. She prays for togetherness. Shivani asks Raghu to sleep on the bed peacefully. Shivani says, I will go now. Raghu says, ji babyji. I will sleep on the bed for sure. Shivani smiles. Music plays………………..She tells him good night and leaves. Raghu tells this bed is Maliksaa’s. I can’t sleep on the bed. He puts chatai

on the floor to sleep.

Shivani tells Meghna that Raghu is very cute. She says, Raghu didn’t eat if I am hungry. He gets tensed if I don’t go to office. If I am awake then he won’t sleep. He takes good care of me. Meghna smiles. Shivani asks, why you are staring at me? Meghna says, you are glowing with happiness. Have you fallen in love with my handsome jijaji Raghu. Shivani asks, Are you mad? Shivani says, I have realized that I did wrong with Raghu and that too so many times. I am taking care of him to repent for my mistakes. Meghna says, you have fallen in love. Do Dil Bandhe plays…………….

Aunty says, my heart is shaking. Did Shivani start loving Raghu? Mahima asks her to say good. Aunty says, I am scared. Shivani is taking care of Raghu. She is doing as if she is in love. Mahima says, if they fall in love with each other then we will be ruined. Raghu won’t spare us.

Megha tells Shivani about the person in love. She says, but it was actually love. You are very lucky to have Raghu. I can see love in your eyes. Close your eyes and see. Meghna says, I will leave you. Shivani recalls about Meghna’s words and starts thinking. She closes her eyes and sees Raghu’s innumberable images. Shivani thinks what is happening to me. Whether Meghna was saying right. She feels the most beautiful feelings and smiles. Kuch Toh Hain Tujhse Raapta…………….Shivani starts feeling shy.

Shivani is on the way to office in her car. She imagines Raghu as a flower seller. She is shocked. She asks, why you are selling flowers? That man says, what are you saying? Shivani is surprised to see that man. She says, Raghu is even seeing by open eyes. She says, it is love symptoms. Kuch Toh Hain…….. Raapta plays…………..She blushes. She imagines him as employee, peon…and even as a watchman.

Vivek teaches Maya how to eat with spoon and knife. Baburaam says, what are you doing? Maya says, we are learning to eat from spoon and knife. Baburaam says, I know everything. I will teach everyone. I went to 5 star hotel so many times. He starts teaching them badly. Rupesh thinks they are stupid people.

Shivani is in thought. Her employee comes and says Raghu ji will not come to office today. He went to Ajmer for taking School permission. He asked me to give this file to you. Shivani asks him to keep the file. Shivani says, he should have told me before going. I am seeing Raghu in everyone but I can’t see the real Raghu. She says, Raghu solves all her troubles so he will solve this problem too.

She calls him. Raghu picks the call. She says, my heart is somewhere and my mind is somewhere. Raghu asks, what happened? Shivani says, actually I am searching my heart. Raghu says what? Shivani says no problem. Raghu says, I am on the way to Ajmer. I will call after reaching there. Shivani says, I will talk to you later. Shivani thinks, why he is not understanding her feelings. She worries for him. She calls him again. Raghu picks the call. Shivani asks, did you have breakfast? Raghu says yes. Shivani says, Daaju said one can’t do work without having food. Raghu asks, are you fine? Shivani tells him to drive carefully. Shivani says, love is a unique disease. She thinks how to profess her love to Raghu. Music plays……………..

Mahima brings fruits for Shivani and asks her to eat. Shivani throws the plate and asks her not to do the acting. She says, Whenever you come infront of me. I remember that you should be out of the house. Don’t show your face to m.

Update Credit to: H_hasan

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