Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Aunty telling Shivani that Mahima will be happy to see you. She asks the servant to get her car. Raghu calls Shivani and gives her teddy bear. Shivani asks, what are you saying? Raghu says, you can only play with teddy bear and can’t work. He says, you got happy as everyone clap for you. She says, people come here to work and don’t go home after sitting for a while. He says, you might be tired, asks her to go home and play with the teddy. Aunty asks Shivani to come. She says, Raghu is taunting you. Raghu says, you gave me a chance to taunt you. He offers the teddy. Raghu says, I will take care office work. Aunty asks her to sit in the car.

Shivani says no, I can’t give him chance to taunt me or snatch my business. I will come

home after finishing the work. She says, I liked the toys but now I have to work. I know my responsibility towards the company. She goes inside the office. Raghu taunts Aunty and says your trick failed. He asks her to take rest at home. Shivani is angry at Raghu. She says, I will show him that I can work. She checks the account and says 1 lakh and then 5 lakhs is withdrawn from company’s account. She thinks Raghu took the money. She opines that Raghu has withdrawn the money and calls him. But Raghu didn’t pick her call. Shivani looks for Raghu. She follows him. Aunty comes back. Mahima asks her about Shivani. Aunty says, I went to bring her but came back without her. She gets angry on Mahima. Mahima asks, did Raghu insult you? Aunty asks her, where is your useless husband and asks her to leave her alone.

Shivani sees Raghu searching a file. She thinks he don’t want me to read some file. She gets shocked as the cockroach is lying on her leg. She shouts and asks Raghu to take it out of the office. Raghu picks the cockroach and throw it. He asks her to open the eyes and see. Shivani opens her eyes and see. Shivani says, you are taunting me again. Raghu asks, what are you doing here. Shivani says, I was following you and then says I was working. Raghu shows the file. Shivani asks, who withdrew the money from company account. Raghu thinks she won’t believe me and asks her to asks the accountant Govind ji. Bella gives tea to Rupesh. Maya gives money to Lata for home expenses. Lata says, one thousand is less from the amount. Maya says, I took 1000 Rs for auto. I don’t want to go to the hospital by walk. I don’t want anything happen to me like Gini. Bella says, How will maa take care of home with this money. Maya says, nobody cares about me. Lata says, you are thinking wrong. Maya says, I told to buy a house for our safety but no one think about it. You cares about Raghu. We take care of home. Raghu is happy with babyji at the haveli. Lata says, Raghu is doing for Shivani’s betterment. And we care for you like we do for Raghu. I will take care of the expenses with the given money.

Rupesh asks Lata not to feel bad about Maya’s words. He says, it is right that Raghu bhaiyya couldn’t help us. Bella asks him to work and says we are burden on this house. Lata says, you are daughter of this home and not burden. Rupesh says, I am trying to find a job for a better living. He says, you trust me naa Bella? Bella nods in a yes.

Shivani asks Mr. Kabra about the account’s file. She asks who have withdrew the money on 5th january. Kabra says, Jazz took the money. She gets Jazz’s call. Jazz asks about her day at office. Shivani says, I was checking account file. Jazz says, we are missing you at home. Shivani says, I came to know that you have withdrawn 5 lakhs rupees? She asks, why? Jazz says, did Mahima not informed you. Jazz says, I withdrawn the money for the party. Shivani says okay, will meet in the evening. Raghu asks, what your bhaiyya said? Shivani says, I don’t need to tell you. Raghu says, I am happy that you questioned him. He lied like always. I am waiting for the day when truth comes out in open.

Shivani says, I came to have food with you all. She takes a bite and praises the food. She says, it is spicy and asks for water. Raghu gives her water. All the employees look on..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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