Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu getting a call from Panna tai, informing him that Daaju got unconscious and may be he got a heart attack. Raghu is shocked and tells Shivani that Daaju might have got heart attack. Shivani is shocked and tells Raghu to say it is a lie. Raghu says he is going, nothing will happen to Malik saa. Shivani says she will also go. Panna tai cries and asks someone to call the ambulance. Shivani, Raghu, Baburaam runs to Daaju. Shivani cries and asks Daaju to wake up. Raghu’s brother checks Daaju’s pulse and says it is getting low, we have to take him to the hospital immediately. Shivani asks Raghu to do something and cries miserably. Raghu says let’s take Malik saa in a tempo to the hospital as they don’t have time to wait for ambulance.

Baburaam drives the tempo. Gini comes back home and tells maa that Raghu bhaiyya took him to the hospital. Maa prays for his well being. Bella says she is worried about her and asks her to think what they will answer to the neighbours when they ask why Shivani left home. Maa says this is not the time to think about that.

Meanwhile Daaju calls for Shivani, in an unconscious state. Raghu tells him that nothing will happen to you. Doctor uncle tells Shivani asks Shivani to stay outside. Baburaam tells the doctor that he is ready to give is blood to Rana saheb. Panna tai prays for Daaju. Shivani says nothing will happen to her Daaju and he will be alright soon.

Daaju is in the ICU, still critical and is taking Shivani’s name. Doctor uncle is doing the treatment, while Raghu, Shivani and others are waiting outside to get the information of Daaju well being.

Neighbours comes to Maa and says they have heard about Rana saheb in hospital and asks whether they didn’t go. Bella asks Gini to call Raghu and asks about Rana saheb. One of the neighbour suggests maa to go to hospital to be at Shivani’s side, Bella says Raghu and Vivek bhaiyya is there with her. Then they tells that they have heard about Shivani leaving the house. Maya tells them that Shivani is going for Pagphera. Neighbour says that they have heard that Rana saheb came to take Shivani back. Bella insults them and they leaves.

Maa asks her, why she lied to them. Bella says they will see when the neighbours comes to know about it. Maya says she will go and check in the hospital. Maa asks her to inform her about Rana Saheb and tells Shivani that she wants to come. Maya says ok, I will call you.

Shivani is looking emotionally at Daaju from the glass door. Raghu consoles her and asks her not to worry. He makes her sit and says he will bring water for her. Shivani says no, and asks him not to go else she feels scared if he is not around. She asks Raghu, whether he called Jazz bhaiyya. Panna tai remembers Daaju throwing Jazz out of the house.

Mahima asks Jazz, why he is upset. Jazz asks what he shall do then. She says they will go to her Dad’s house and then they will think what to do. Jazz says they are left with nothing. Jazz gets Raghu’s call. Jazz wonders whether Raghu came to know about the truth. He picks the call and Raghu informs him that Malik saa got a heart attack while on the way to his home. Jazz then asks about Shivani. Raghu says she is crying a lot. Jazz gets worried and says he will come soon with Mahima. He tells Mahima, who gets happy and says Dadaji didn’t get a chance to tell the truth to Raghu and Shivani about us. She tells Jazz that they have to take Raghu’s signatures before Daaju’s death. Jazz says she is saying right.

Shivani cries and tells Panna tai that Daaju will be fine naa. panna tai asks her to have faith on God and asks her to take care of herself. she says Malik saa will not like if he sees you like this.

Panna tai is about to tell Shivani about Jazz and Mahima but just then Raghu comes and says he has informed Jazz. Just then Jazz and Mahima comes, Shivani runs towards them and hugs Jazz. She cries. Mahima wonders whether panna tai said the truth to Shivani. Baburaam looks at the hospital and asks Vivek to promise him that he will get his treatment done here if anything happens to him. Vivek says it is very expensive. Maya comes and says that Maa wants to come here. Baburaam shouts. Maya asks her to speak silently else guard will send him out.

Jazz tells shivani that nothing will happen to Dadaji. Mahima says Dadaji loves us a lot. And he loves you very much and says that nothing will happen to him. she says they have to apologize to him. She hugs Shivani and signs Jazz. Panna tai looks at mahima.

Doctor uncle tells Daaju that Shivani and Raghu are sitting outside. Daaju smiles and says Shivani Shivani…….

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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