Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani coming to Baburaam’s house. Everyone are shocked to see her with folded hands. Bella asks, why you came here? Shivani says, I came here to apologize to all of you. She says maa. Lata says I kept milk on the gas and goes to the kitchen. Shivani goes to her. She says, Maa……I know that I did wrong with Raghu and no mother can take it. If you don’t forgive me then I think myself as unlucky. I got love from you which I didn’t get from my own mother. I insulted you and your son. She asks for forgiveness. Raghu comes and says please stop it. Why you are asking forgiveness again and again. You are Malkin of ours. Shivani says, if your family don’t forgive me then I can’t forgive myself.

Shivani goes to Bella and says whatever

you said that day was right. You was right. I was mislead by them but now I knows the truth. Please give me a chance to rectify my mistake. She cries miserably. She folds her hands. Bella melt down and says it is not needed. Don’t cry. We have understood that your penance is true. You are a member of this family now. Shivani gets happy and hugs her. Bella says, I am not angry with you.

Lata thinks I can’t forgive you. Baburaam is happy and thinks babyji will bring crores with her. He imagines himself with the money. Baburaam says I am very happy today. He asks Bella to make something for babyji as it is a celebration time. Shivani says, I will take you all to a five star hotel for having dinner. Baburaam jokes. Maya says, we will get ready fast. Bella takes Nishi to get her ready. Nishi is happy to see Shivani’s car. Baburaam is happy and announces that they are going to 5 star hotel. Neighbous start gossipying.

They come to the hotel with Shivani. Lata is still angry with Shivani. Bella asks her to be happy. Shivani asks Raghu to sit. Shivani asks them, what you will have in starters. Baburaam says, it is fixed in Raghu’s bike. Shivani says, what you will eat before the dinner. She orders the starters and main course. She orders chinese food and dal roti. Maya says, who will eat dal roti. Shivani says, Raghu doesn’t eat chinese food. He likes simple food so that’s why ordered it for him. Do Dil Bandhe Plays………………Baburaam looks at the Menu card and is surprised to see the rates. Rupesh asks him not to worry as crorepati bahu has come back. Baburaam dips his finger in the soup and says hot water for washing hand. Shivani says, it is soup for drinking. They see Shivani following the table rules and try to follow her.

Manager comes and asks, did you like the food. Something falls in his eyes. Shivani says sorry. Shivani tells them to eat with hand rather than chop sticks as she herself prefers to eat with hand. Raghu starts coughing. Shivani gets worry and cares for him. Lata looks at her concern. Baburaam says, 5 star hotel is unique. Shivani looks at Raghu and says I started thinking about your happiness before my happiness. Don’t know when you become an integral part of my life. Hope we both live together. Do Dil Bandhe plays…………………..She looks at him with loving eyes.


Raghu comes to the room and finds Shivani putting bedsheet on the bed. He says, what are you doing? I will do it. Shivani says, I am doing this for you. I know very well that you will sleep on the chatai. Shivani says, you will sleep on the bed from today. Panna tai prays for their togetherness

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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