Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 3rd February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu decorating Shivani’s cabin. Shivani enters the office and is greeted by the manager. All the employees greet her. Someone informs Raghu that Shivani madam came. Raghu says, I am coming. Shivani is meeting with her employees. Raghu comes and looks at her happily. Manager introduces Shivani to the company’s accountant. Accountant says balwant ji used to talk about you and says we are happy that you will take care of the office. Manager says, we hope that you will take this company to new heights. They applaud for her. Shivani thanks everyone. Shivani eyes Raghu with confidence and ego. She thinks, I told you naa that we will meet at the office. I came and will prove you wrong soon. Manager shows her the cabin. He asks, do you need

anything? Shivani says nothing.
Shivani is happily looking at the office. She looks at Daaju’s photo and gets emotional. She looks at the teddy bear at the side table. She says so cute. Raghu says I hope your first day started on a good note and says shall we start doing work. Raghu is proceeding towards the chair. Shivani says, it was my Daaju’s chair and that’s why I will sit on his chair. She says, you don’t deserve the chair.

Shivani sits on the chair. Raghu says, one has to learn the work. I will take care of business until you understands work. Shivani says, I don’t need your advice. I can run my company better. Raghu says ok. He says, I will send 5 years accounts, please check it. Raghu thinks your anger will help you in learning the business. He says, I know you can run the business efficiently. Shivani eyes the pen and asks Raghu to take his pen.

Rupesh gives the money 500 Rs to the goons for troubling Gini. Goons demand 5000 Rs, but Rupesh settles the deal for Rs 500. Mahima is worrying for Shivani. Aunty asks her to call Shivani. Shivani sees the files and thinks she don’t know anything. Raghu thinks, you have to check the records to know about Jazz’s mishandlings. Mahima calls Shivani and asks about her day at office. Shivani says it is good. Mahima says, I prayed to Lord. Shivani asks, why you called? Mahima says, I was thinking to get your favourite dish prepared. Shivani says kheer. Mahima says, ok I will ask Panna tai to prepare it. Shivani recalls about Lata. Mahima asks, what are you doing? Shivani says, I am checking 5 years records. Mahima gets scared and disconnects the call. She tells Aunty that Shivani is checking the records of the business deal. Jazz gets shocked. Mahima asks, what happened? Jazz says, if she gets to know about our mishandlings then we will be finished. Aunty says, nothing will happen. She will take time to understand and we will make her understand wrongly.
Bella recalls about the incident happened with Gini. Rupesh comes and asks, are you thinking about Maya’s words? Bella says, Thank God you have reached at the spot at the right time. Rupesh says, if I haven’t reach there then..Bella gets worried. Aunty comes to the office and says I went for shopping at the near by mall. Shivani asks her to sit. Aunty says, you started working on the first day itself. Shivani says, just started. Aunty says, house seems to be empty without you and asks her to come home. Shivani says, not now. I have to work. Aunty says, you are checking 5 year records. Shivani says, yes. Aunty says you owned this company and you should think about the company’s future. These petty things can be look after by the accountants and the auditors. She insists her to come home. Shivani couldn’t refuse her. Raghu looks at them.

Shivani is checking the accounts and comes to know that 1 lakh and then 5 lakh rupees is withdrawn from the company’s account. She thinks it is Raghu’s doing and thinks to question him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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