Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 30th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu staring at the sky. Baburaam says he wants to eat food. Sumitra signs Raghu to come. All the neighbours gather to see the moon, one of the neighbour asks Raghu to break Shivani’s fast. Raghu says he will come.

Shivani and all the ladies looks at the sky to see the moon. One of the neighbour asks Raghu to come infront of Shivani. Raghu feels shy. Baburaam asks him not to shy away. All the ladies starts with the karwachauth rituals. Shivani looks at them and starts doing the rituals. Lata signs her to do the rituals. Shivani sees the moon and then sees Raghu’s face through the channi/net while some mantras is being played. She does the aarti of Raghu later on. All the husband’s breaks their respective wife’s fast by making

her drink the water. Raghu is about to break Shivani’s fast by making her drink water but just then Sumitra comes and stops Raghu.

Everyone are shocked. Sumitra confronts Raghu and asks what are you doing? you have promised me that you will break my fast. I was waiting for you and you are breaking this woman fast, who is nothing to you and who didn’t have kept the fast. Baburaam asks what is this nonsense. Sumitra says she is speaking the truth. She says she saw Raghu taking chocolates for Shivani and since morning she has been eating it. Baburaam asks her to get out and not dare to speak like that with his daughter in law. Sumitra asks Raghu to speak up. Lata recalls seeing chocolates in Raghu’s hand. Neighbours starts gossipying that they are fool to believe Shivani and she didn’t keep the fast. She made fun of the karwachauth.

Shivani says no, says she was hungry and wanted to eat chocolates but when she heard about the katha, she didn’t eat the chocolates. One of the neighbours confront her and says you are lying. Nishi says her babyji mamiji didn’t eat any of the chocolates and gave all to me. Bella tells Sumitra that you are relieved now naa. Baburaam asks her to go. Sumitra says she wants to talk to Raghu. She asks him, that he told her about his marriage to be fake. And you will marry me after babyji leaves for her haveli. Then why you are acting. Why don’t you tell everyone that babyji is just acting to be your wife. There is no meaning of your marriage. She asks him to say that they are fooling the basti people. Neighbour asks, what Sumitra is speaking about? Sumitra asks him to tell what is the relation of Shivani and him. Why she kept the fast and with which right? She is what to you? Raghu is speechless. Neighbours asks him to reply to Sumitra’s queries. Neighbours starts blaming Shivani and says why you are living with Raghu if your marriage is fake. don’t you have any shame? Raghu recalls Daaju’s words to take care of Shivani and to protect her. He asks everyone to stop and says that Shivani is his wife. Sumitra and Shivani are shocked while some mantras is being played in the BG.

Sumitra asks, what did you say? How can you say that she is your wife. You betrayed me. You lied and make me see the dreams. She says you will get punish. She cries and leaves. Raghu is tensed.

Mahima is celebrating the karwachauth fast with jazz. She asks him, whether he is thinking about Abhi. jazz tells his concerns. Mahima asks him not to worry and she will think how to handle Abhi. jazz says he is thinking to take the help of goons to settle scores with Abhi and to get the original will. Mahima asks him not to do as they didn’t know about the whereabouts of the will. She says we have to get the will first and then deal with Abhi.

Lata tells Shivani that raghu did everything to save the family’s reputation and prestige. She says her sorry.

Shivani asks Gini to take her out to Sumitra house. Gini asks, why? Shivani says she wants to clear the misunderstandings.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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