Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 2nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Jazz getting angry on Mahima and says you thought you are smart and tried to use Abhi. But he turned the table and showed our video to Daaju. Mahima says whatever Daaju did was not right. She tries to calm him down. Abhi calls Jazz and laughs on his condition. He says you are victim of your own game. And asks whether he shall arrange the accommodation and job. He says that the table are turned and says now the entire property is on Shivani’s name and laughs. Jazz asks Mahima to think what to do.

Driver stops the car and says that the car can’t go inside the lane. Panna tai says she will call Raghu but Daaju says he will go himself and can walk till Raghu’s home. Daaju says he roamed in this lane in his childhood. Panna tai hesitates

but agrees.

Maya and her husband discusses about the losses which they had suffered because of Shivani’s stay in their house. Maya says she has prepared the list of the expenses which they had spent on Shivani.

Maya’s husband checks the list and asks what you have written? We have not spent this much on her. She asks her to think wise and gives the list to Shivani. Baburaam hears them and says this is my real son and daughter in law.

Daaju asks Panna tai, where is Raghu’s home? Panna tai says, it is near. Daaju looks at the sky and feels pain in his heart. Panna tai asks him whether he is fine. Daaju says he is fine, may be acidity problem. and says he will be fine once he sees Shivani as she is his medicine. He asks her to lets go.

Raghu and Shivani come out of the room, while Raghu is holding Shivani stuff. Shivani gets emotional and recalls the time spent with Raghu’s family. She looks at Raghu.

Daaju feels restless and tells Panna tai that he will sit for sometime. Someone offers him water to drink. Daaju takes it and thanks him. Panna tai asks how will you drink it as you drinks mineral water. Daaju says so what, it is our earth’s water, pure and cold. He blesses him. Some guy introduces himself as Raghu’s cousin. Daaju feels happy. Some old guy says that your grand daughter became our bahu, we are blessed. Daaju didn’t say anything and then asks about Raghu’s home.

Shivani tells everyone that she is going from here and apologizes for any mistakes. And thanks them for their care towards her.

She goes towards Bella and says I know you are soft from inside. She says she is taking the saree which she has given her. She asks Nishi, whether she will miss her. Nishi says yes. Shivani says I miss you too. She then tells Maya that you looks very smart in your uniform. She then asks Gini to style her hairs like her’s when she comes to her house. Gini agrees. Shivani then go to Raghu’s mom and says that she has lost her mother in her childhood, but when she came here she thought her mother didn’t go anywhere, she is here. That’s why please send your home made food for me. She promises her that she will eat the food if it is spicy also. She hugs her and cries. She then go towards Raghu and stands besides him. Shivani invites everyone to her home. They agrees.
Daaju is on the way. He sees khulfi maker and asks him to send the khulfi to Raghu’s home. Shivani is anxiously waiting for Daaju. She says she will not talk to him for making her wait. Raghu laughs.

Daaju comes and gets emotional seeing Shivani. he asks her to hug him. Shivani hugs him and cries. Daaju says sorry for his behavior. Shivani says please don’t apologize. I should be sorry to you and says sorry. She tells Daaju that if anything happens to him, then she won’t be able to forgive her. It seems it was a dream and she didn’t find Daaju there.

Suddenly Daaju gets a severe heart attack while coming to Daaju’s home. Shivani asks Raghu to call Daaju. Raghu gets Panna tai call who informs him that Daaju got unconscious and may be he got a heart attack. Panna tai cries.Raghu informs Shivani that may be Daaju got a heart attack. Shivani gets shocked and teary eyed.

Shivani and Raghu rushes to Daaju. She cries. Meanwhile Raghu’s brother checks Daaju’s pulse.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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