Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu bringing chocolates for Shivani. Some neighbour asks him to get the mat. Other neighbour asks him to do some work and the third one asks what he is gifting to Shivani? Raghu says he didn’t think about it. They laughs. Suddenly Raghu bump into Vivek and the chocolates falls on the ground. Maya asks about it. One neighbour says did you bring it for babyji. Raghu says no, he bought it for babyji. Raghu comes to Shivani and asks her to eat the chocolates soon. Shivani is happy and is about to eat but then remembers Bella words about the wife’s duty. She is in dilemma. Raghu asks her to eat fast. Lata comes and Shivani hides the chocolate. Raghu and Shivani are shocked. Lata tells Shivani that this is Raghu’s mom wedding dress and

asks her to wear it for the katha/story telling. You will get her blessings and says Raghu is the adorable son of her mom. Raghu asks, how can babyji wear it? Lata says it is a matter of some hours else neighbours will start gossipying if Shivani didn’t wear the red dress. Shivani agrees to wear it. Lata asks Raghu to go outside till Shivani wears the dress. Lata tells Shivani that she knows that it is not expensive but they don’t have money to buy now. Shivani says she will wear it and asks her not to worry else she will feel bad.

Shivani tells Lata that she is very good and she respects her very much. Lata is touched and hugs Shivani. Sumitra is angry to see their rapport and thinks she does the magic on the family. jazz tells Mahima that he asked Abhi to come soon but wonders where is he? Mahima asks him to call Abhi. She says they will think how to handle him. Raghu thinks babyji is hungry since morning. He comes to Shivani’s room and finds her wearing her mom’s dress. Raghu glances at her. He compliments her and says you are looking good. Shivani says thank you and says she is unable to handle the heavy lehenga. She wonders what to do? Raghu looks at her and can’t keep his eyes off her. Shivani asks him to help her pinning the dupatta. Raghu in his usual style says hojayega babyji while the song Do dil bandhe ek Dori se plays………… in the BG. Raghu helps her pinning the dupatta. Shivani looks at him. Raghu looks at her while she wears the dupatta correctly. Raghu tells her that it is done. Shivani smiles and says you did it right and asks him, from where he learnt pinning the dupatta. Raghu says he saw maa doing it to Bella. Maya and Gini comes and praises her dupatta. Shivani says she tried it. Maya tells her to come downstairs. Raghu gives the chocolates to Shivani, she happily takes it while the title song still plays.

Lata asks everyone to hold the rice and flowers. Shivani comes and sits beside Lata. Lata asks her to hold the rice and flowers and starts reading the katha of veeravati. Shivani looks at everyone and quietly try to eat but fails. She is about to eat, but then hears Lata telling about veeravati breaking her fast and her husband dying because of her. Shivani is shocked. Lata says that nothing should happen with anyone as it had happened with Veeravati. Shivani is in thoughts and in dilemma whether to eat it or not.

While everyone are waiting for the moon to appear. Some neighbour asks Sumitra’s mom asks her whether Sumitra has kept the vrath. Sumitra mom says no and says she have just applied the mehendi. Neighbours starts praising Shivani and says she is not fasting. Sumitra tells them that she saw Raghu taking chocolates for Shivani quietly. Neighbours says they knew that she is jealous of Shivani.

Shivani is looking at the sky and waiting for the moon. She tells Maya that she is hungry. Maya tells her that they have to wait till the moon appears. Neighbours tells her that your husband have to break your fast and tells the rituals.

Sumitra comes and tells Raghu not to break Shivani’s fast. She says you had promised me to break my fast. And says Shivani is faking the fast and eating the chocolates. Everyone are shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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