Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 29th August 2013 Written Update

Daaju tells Shivani that he won’t let anyone manipulate her and she must marry within 3 days otherwise she won’t get anything from his property. All his property will go to charity and Abhi will be the main executor. Shivani also says that she won’t marry to cheater abhi no matter what. Daaju reminds her again that she only has 3 days.

Jaz and Mahima are not happy with this decision of Daaju. Abhi comes to their room and tells them that after Daaju, it’s them who are closer to Shivani and she must be coming here to take advice. He suggests them to make Shivani agree to marry him because more than Abhi, it’s them who need the money. Right then Shivani enters. She’s angry at Abhi and says she wants to talk alone to Jaz and Mahima. Abhi leaves.


tries talking to Shivani, but she has pretty much decides that she won’t marry Abhi, no matter if all the properties go to charity. Mahima acts now and tells Shivani that this is what she expected from her. Mahima says that they don’t need any property.. they can live their entire lives with each other’s love and support. Shivani thanks her and is leaving, right then Mahima reveals that she is pregnant (faking). Shivani stops. Mahima says but now as they won’t be getting any property, her child won’t get same paravrish of RANA’s as Shivani and Jaz did, and there is no point to give birth to her child and she will do the abortion. Shivani is very happy knowing she is pregnant. She tells her not to abort her child and her child won’t get poverty life either. She decides somehow to stop property from going to Abhi, but she doesn’t know how. Mahima suggests that she should marry someone else. The will doesn’t say that she must marry Abhi. Now Shivani wonders how they can find a trustworthy person in 3 days. Mahima says Raghu. She says that they can trust him and he will give all property to Shivani as well. Shivani gets lost in thoughts.

Raghu is near a temple and he sees Sumitra and her father. Sumitra is still very much interested in him, but her father doesn’t want her to talk to him. She still goes to talk. Golcha is talking on the phone with Abhi and tells him that he wants result, not just promises. Raghu sees him. Golcha drives away from there. Raghu follows him. Sumitra’s father tells her that Raghu is not interested. Sumitra says he must have gone to search for a job.

Sumitra and her father are returning. Raghu’s father meets them. He tells Sumitra to go as he wants to talk to her father. After Sumitra leaves, Raghu’s father returns money to him and informs him that Raghu is just acting of quitting job at Daaju’s house. He’s leaving, but Sumitra’s father calls him back.

Later Raghu’s father informs the family that Sumitra’s father agreed for her rishta with Raghu. Everyone is happy.

Raghu is following Golcha’s car on a bike. Golcha sees him following. Raghu overtakes his car and stops him. Golcha asks him who is him and why he is following him. Raghu demands him to go to Daaju’s house with him, Golcha tries to run away, but Raghu catches him.

Precap: Raghu brings Golcha at Daaju’s house and asks Daaju to ask him the truth. Abhi is getting worried.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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