Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 28th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani waking up from the sleep. She comes out of her room and thinks it is 4:30 am. She wonders, why they are eating so early in the morning. Gini asks Maya to eat slowly, Maya says she is eating for the day. She asks Vivek to keep the fast, but he says he can’t have fast. Shivani comes there, Lata asks her to sit. Gini asks, whether she came to eat the sargi. Nishi asks her to eat fast. Bella says it isn’t needed as your mamiji will not keep the fast. Nishi asks, why Mamiji didn’t want to keep the fast. Gini asks her to act infront of neighbours and gets involve in Puja. Bella says why don’t you leave from here, we will be at peace. She leaves. Lata asks Shivani not to feel bad and take rest. Shivani tells Lata that as she knew

that Raghu is not her husband. Lata says you should keep the fast for your life partner, who will think about your happiness, will support you in happiness and sadness. Raghu prays for Shivani’s happiness. Shivani asks, whether it is true and says she will keep the fast then. Lata asks her to eat the sargi. Gini calls Bella to come fast. Bella thinks she is keeping the fast for her future life partner.

Raghu takes the food to Shivani and thinks she will think as she is eating at the haveli. Lata tells Shivani that your mehendi will be good. Shivani shows him the design. Raghu asks her to eat the breakfast. Shivani says she won’t eat today. Raghu asks, why? Lata says because she kept the fast. Raghu asks Bella, what is this? Bella says she didn’t force her. Lata tells him that babyji kept the fast for her future life partner. Bella says atleast their prestige is saved. Raghu asks her not to keep the fast. Shivani says she kept the fast for her future life partner. Raghu is tensed.

Sumitra applies mehendi on her hands and writes Raghu’s name. Her mum asks her to have breakfast. Sumitra replies that she is unwell. her mom asks her what she is hiding. She scolds her. Sumitra is little tensed. After her mum leaves, she looks at her mehendi and thinks Raghu is only her’s.

Shivani feels hungry and thinks what to do as she is keeping the fast. Raghu asks her, why she is looking tensed. Shivani says nothing but then says she is hungry and don’t want to be hungry for the sake of the life partner. Raghu says he will bring the food quietly and no one will know it. Shivani agrees. Sumitra stops Raghu and shows the mehendi design. She reminds him to come for breaking the fast. Raghu says ok and says I am going out to take something for babyji. Sumitra asks,did she keep the fast? Raghu says yes, she kept the fast on everybody insistence but she is feeling hungry now. I am going to bring chocolates now. Sumitra laughs and asks him to get the chocolates, and says she has the right on him only. Shivani is waiting for Raghu. She looks at samosa and jalebi in the shop and gets tantalise by it. Some neighbour comes to Sumitra house and says she is going to Raghu’s home. Sumitra mum says they will not go to Raghu’s home. Neighbour informs her that Shivani kept the fast for Raghu.

Sumitra hears it and thinks Shivani is acting infront of everyone. Nishi asks Bella, whether her papa will come. Bella is sad. Nishi thinks her father will come to break her mother’s fast. Bella cries and hugs Nishi.

Shivani looks at them. Nishi says papa will come. Bella asks her to play outside. Bella is constantly crying, Shivani asks her why she kept the fast for her husband? Shivani says, who doesn’t care for you, for your tears. Why you are keeping the fast. Bella replies that marriage is not a play. I will always pray for him and will do wife duty. Gini comes and asks her to come. She asks Shivani to get ready as well.

Maya tells Shivani about the karwachauth rituals. One neighbour tells Shivani that she have to see Raghu through the net/channi and break the fast. Shivani is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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