Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 27th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani coming to the police station and says that my bhabhi deposited money in Raghu’s account. I have to arrest your bhabhi. Shivani says, it is our personal matter. I will solve it. Inspector asks the constable to free Raghu. Shivani goes to him……Do dil bandhe ek dori se plays………..Shivani hugs him happily. Raghu looks uncomfortable. Shivani says I am very happy that you are freed now. I am very happy. She asks for forgiveness and hugs him again. Raghu says babyji. I came out because of you. Let’s go home. Do dil bandhe plays…………………

Shivani asks Raghu, did you forgive me? Raghu says, I can’t be upset with you. Shivani thanks him. Raghu says, I will talk to maa. She might be worried. Lata picks the

call. Raghu says maa…….Lata gets emotional. She asks, how are you? Raghu says, I am fine and came out of the lock up. Lata thanks God. He says, babyji proved me innocent. Lata thinks, I can’t forgive her. She says, I want to see you. Raghu says, I will come to meet you. Lata says, I will wait for you. Raghu says okay.

Mahima gets shocked to know that Raghu is released from the police custody. Shivani comes and eyes her angrily. Shivani slaps her hard. She says, I should have slap you long before. Jazz shouts. Shivani says, I took a long time. Mahima asks, how dare you? Shivani says, you thought I am weak. You will see my strength now. She asks her to leave. Jazz asks, are you mad? Shivani asks him to ask Mahima? She know why I slapped her. She will tell you the reason. She asks her to say how she deposited money in Raghu’s account to trap him. She asks, what did you think that no one will come to know. I have CCTV footage of you.

Jazz says, you took the money and I thought Raghu steal the money. Why did you stoop so low. Aunty says, I can’t believe. You should he ashamed. Jazz and Aunty pretend to be innocent. Mahima says, you both should be ashamed. Did you forget that I am not alone in this plan. You both are with me. Aunty asks her to understand. Mahima says, it was your planning Aunty and that money was given to me by Jazz. She asks Jazz to answer. Shivani is shocked. Jazz asks, what? I don’t have money. Jazz says, my sister knows that I can’t stoop low. Mahima says, I will tell who is low. Aunty asks her to keep quiet. Mahima says, I won’t. You both are trying to save you.

She tells Shivani that Aunty is behind the planning to seperate Raghu and Shivani. She says, Raghu was insulted in the party and the plan was yours. You took 10 lakhs rupees from Shivani. She says, it was your plan to steal the CD. And you planned against Govindji son’s operation. Aunty says, I didn’t have any enemity with Shivani. It was you and Jazz who came to take my help. Aunty says, it was my idea but you worked on my idea. Shivani is shocked and says you all are disgusted. She asks Jazz not to come near her else she will raise her hand on him. She says, If Daaju would be alive then he would have thrown you out of the house. Aunty says, we tried to save you from Raghu. He is not suitable for you. Shivani asks her not to take Raghu’s name with their dirty tongue. She says, I will do what Daaju would have done. She says, this haveli is mine and there is no place for you people. Go from here.

Shivani says, I can’t tolerate your faces even for a min. Leave now. Mahima says, I admit that I did a mistake. Please forgive us. Give me a chance. Jazz asks for forgiveness too. Aunty says, please don’t insult us. Shivani says, this haveli is getting insulted as you people are standing here. She tells Jazz that they are not from one family. You didn’t deserve to be called as Rana’s heir. She says, I don’t want to waste my time anymore. She asks them to leave. Raghu comes and asks Shivani to stop. Raghu Vir plays…………………

Shivani asks Jazz, Mahima and Aunty to apologize to Raghu. She asks them to sit on their knees and begs for forgiveness.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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