Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 26th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Bella and Lata coming to the Police station. They are shocked to see Shivani outside the police station. Bella accuses Shivani for Raghu’s sufferings. Shivani says, I didn’t do anything. Bella says, your talks are baseless like you. She raises her hand on Shivani. Lata says, don’t talk to her as you know Raghu don’t like this kind of behavior. Shivani says, I know that you understands me. Lata says, stop it. I don’t trust you anymore. I stopped Bella for Raghu’s sake. I dont want to curse you but I won’t tolerate anymore. I kept quiet all the while but I won’t bear when the question is about my son’s life. She says, Raghu’s motive of living is to protect you and you accused him as the thief. Bella asks Shivani to prove

Raghu guilty. Shivani cries. Bella and Lata go to meet Raghu. Shivani promises to protect Raghu.

Raghu is surprised to see them there. Bella feels bad to see his condition. She asks, what did they do to you? Lata touches Raghu’s wound and gets emotional. She asks, didn’t you think once about me. I would have die if anythings happen to you. Raghu says, I am fine. He asks her not to cry. Lata says, don’t lie with me. Raghu says, it was a misunderstandinf of babyji. Lata says, I kept quiet all the time but not anymore. Don’t tell me that she is right. Raghu says, she is repenting for her mistake. She was fighting with the Inspector for me. She is innocent. Bella asks him to stop it. She says, your heart is big but we won’t forgive her. You kept her on her head but what you got in return. She thought of you as leg’s dust. You are a servant for her. She slapped us. Raghu is shocked. Kisse Poochun Hain Aisa Kyun Bezubaan Saa Yeh Jahaan….plays…………..Shivani cries…..Raghu looks tensed in the police lock up. She recalls Raghu doing the stunt and feels pained.

Gini brings Roti for Baburaam. He scolds her for making burnt roti. Maya scolds her as well. Lata and Bella come home. Baburaam says, they have come. Baburaam says, we are eating uncooked rotis and they are roaming like a queen. Bella is about to tell them about Raghu being in the lock up but lata stops her. Maya says, we will eat at the canteen. Vivek and Maya leaves. Lata says, I will prepare rotis. Baburaam says, we can’t wait for your food. We have work to do. Rupesh tells Lata that I have already eaten the food. He says, I will rest in the room. Bella tells Lata that they shall tell the truth to Baburaam. Lata says, we won’t tell to anyone as we have promised Raghu. Bella worries for Raghu. Lata says, I have faith on God. she says, Raghu will be out of lock up soon.

Manager tells Shivani that he can’t give other’s account information of the bank transactions to anyone. Shivani warns him to tell as it is a matter of someone’s life. He asks her to give the verification and asks about her relation with Raghu. Shivani recalls about her marriage with Raghu. She tells him that Raghu is her husband. She says, my husband is in jail for someone’s doings. He offers to show her CCTV footage. Jazz gives credit to Mahima for trapping Raghu. Mahima smiles. Jazz says, I am bowled over by your idea. Mahima gives him credit for their win and says I am also bowled by you. Aunty says, it is mutual admiration society. You people forgot me. Mahima praises her. Aunty says, you did the right thing. Shivani will not doubt us. We have to try to keep Raghu in Jail until they get the money. Shivani is shocked to see Mahima on the CCTV footage.

Raghu is freed from the charges and is brought out of the lock up. Shivani gets him and hugs him smilingly. Raghu is surprised.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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