Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 25th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Lata asking Bella to keep quiet and says there is no connection between Mehendi and Karwachauth fast. she asks Shivani to sit and says she will apply mehendi on her hands. Neighbours comes and praises Lata for applying mehendi on Shivani’s hands. They asks, are planning something special for the special bahu. Bella says they will plan and asks them to go. They leaves angrily. Maya tells shivani that it is impossible to close the people’s mouth. Shivani tells Lata that she didn’t want to apply the mehendi. Lata tells her not to think about neighbours words and says you need not keep the fast. Shivani is tensed.

Jazz tells Mahima that Abhi is not trustable, he might be playing game with us. Mahima says they have to find out what

he is upto? Abhi comes with the will papers in his hand. He smiles and does the namaste to Daaju’s photos. He asks Mahima, who is unsound player. He shows the xerox copy of the original will and says dadaji named his property on Shivani and Raghu’s names. He says you didn’t get anything. And says raghu and shivani didn’t know about the will until now but I can tell them at any time. Mahima asks, where is the original will? Abhi tells them that he is not stupid like Parimal uncle. He knows about their doings. Jazz asks, what do you want? Abhi says he wants 50% property. Mahima asks are you mad? Abhi says 50% is enough for you.

Abhi says he can even proof that they have made the fake will. Jazz gets angry. Mahima asks him to calm down. She agrees to Abhi’s proposal and asks him to call Golcha. She says we will start the resort work in the partnership. She asks for the xerox copy of will. Abhi says he will give the original will once the deal papers gets signed. He laughs and leaves. Abhi sits in his car and searches for the original will. He thinks where might be. He thinks he have lost the original will on the xerox shop.

Lata praises Shivani mehendi design and says girls apply mehendi enthusiastically in the festival. Shivani smiles. Lata says even Gini and Nishi have applied mehendi and for this, no need to keep the fast. Bella asks,what you will reply to the neighbours if they asks why Shivani didn’t keep the fast.Maya says Bella is right as it is first fasting for Shivani after marriage. Gini says what will happen if babyji keeps the fast for a day. She can atleast do this for us. Raghu comes and says what is the need to keep the fast, why you are bothered about the neighbours. Lata says she will handle the neighbours.

Shivani comes to Raghu and shows the mehendi design on her hand. She asks Raghu, how is this? Raghu shyly says it is good. Bella and Lata looks on. Baburaam comes and gives the envelope containing the original will to Raghu. He asks Raghu to keep it safely in his almara. He asks him to go through it once and says it is truck insurance papers. Raghu agrees.

Abhi comes to the xerox shop and asks about his original will papers. Shopkeeper searches and says it is not here. Abhi wonders what to do? He gets Jazz’s call asking him to come with the original will to sign the deal. Abhi is shocked and speechless. Jazz asks,what happened. abhi says he will come with the papers. Some person comes and complains to the shopkeeper that he mixes someone else papers with his papers. Abhi comes to conclusion that baburaam has the will papers.

Maya tells Gini that she will watch Bh se Bhade show. Gini says everyone wants to enjoy the laughter show. She says but you will be in kitchen at that time. Maya says we will see together and promotes the show. Baburaam asks them to sleep.

Raghu is going through the insurance papers of Baburaam’s truck. He is about to see the original will of Daaju. Shivani comes and interrupts him. She tells him that Bella and Maya told them to apply lemon- sugar syrup on the mehendi. She asks Raghu to apply it. Raghu is speechless again. She asks, you will apply naa. Raghu in his usual style says ji babyji.

Shivani tells him that before coming here, she thought she saw all the happiness. She says she feels happy to see the basti people celebrating the festival will love and trust. Raghu opens the almara to keep the papers and looks at the swinger and recalls that he brought it for Shivani while the do dil bandhe song plays in the BG. Raghu keeps the papers. Shivani asks him to apply the syrup now.

While Raghu is applying the syrup on Shivani’s mehendi designs, she looks at him smilingly. Raghu looks at her later.

Raghu asks Shivani to have breakfast first. Shivani says she won’t eat today. Raghu asks, why babyji. Lata answers because babyji kept the karwachauth fast. Raghu is shocked while Shivani is smiling..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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