Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Abhi informing Mahima and Jazz that he has Dadaji’s original will. Mahima is shocked and asks what is this nonsense. Abhi laughs and says I got this original will. He reads the will stating that Dadaji’s property is in Shivani and Raghu’s name, if Shivani live with him for three months. Abhi tells them that there is nothing for them in the will. Mahima asks for the proof. Abhi says, he will come and show the proofs. Jazz asks Mahima, what will happen now. Mahima asks him to relax and plans to get the will from Abhi.

Shivani asks Raghu whether he got anything from Parimal uncle. Raghu says he didn’t get anything. Shivani asks what happened? Raghu informs her that parimal uncle met with an accident and his car was noticed backside

of the mandir. He tells her that when he reached the spot, Abhi was already present there. Shivani worries about Parimal uncle. Raghu asks her not to worry and says don’t bother about the home affairs. Shivani tells him not to ignore his family for keeping her happy.

Shivani tells him that everyone scolded Bella because of me and you too did the same. Raghu says you are right. Shivani asks him to apologize to her. Raghu says he knows how to agree Bella.

Abhi is very happy to have found the new will. Abhi thinks Mahima and Jazz can do anything for him as they have harm Parimal uncle.

Nishi asks Bella to open the door. Bella asks her to go and study. Raghu gives money to Nishi and asks her to get chocolates. Raghu knocks on the door and asks Bella to open the door. Bella says she don’t want to talk to him. Raghu says he will break the door. Bella is crying and says she won’t open the door. Raghu picks the iron rod and starts shouting as if he is hurt. Bella comes out and asks where he got hurt. Shivani sees this. Raghu smiles, Bella asks why he joked with her. Bella says she don’t want to talk to him. Raghu tries to make her understand to forgive him. He holds his ears and says sorry. Bella says it isn’t needed. Bella forgives him and they hug each other. Shivani smiles. Lata asks them when they will grow up. Lata asks Raghu to get some things from the market as tomorrow is the karwachauth fast. Shivani hears this.

Abhi comes the xerox shop to get the xerox of the will papers. Baburaam asks him, what he is doing here? Abhi says he don’t have time for the nonsense.

Raghu sees Sumitra and stops her saying he wants to talk to her. Sumitra asks him to talk to his babyji. Raghu asks her to give him a chance. Raghu asks her to come with him to some other place as people are watching them. Sumitra agrees.

Baburaam taunts Abhi saying you didn’t get babyji nor Ranaji’s wealth, your position is like a servant. Abhi gets angry and grabs his collar. Baburaam says how dare you touch me? Abhi asks the person to take out the xerox fast. After Abhi leaves, Baburaam thinks he will see him. That person keeps the copy of Daaju’s will in Baburaam xerox papers.

Sumitra is angry with Raghu. Raghu makes her understand that there is nothing like that. Sumitra says she knows that his family have accepted babyji. Raghu says it is not like that. Sumitra says if there is no relation between you too then why don’t you drop her to her haveli. Raghu recalls Jazz’s words and Daaju’s words. He tells her that they have a relation of humanity between them. He says he has promised Daaju that he will take care of her. He asks her to trust him and says he didn’t have any intention to betray her.

He says he will marry her when everything is right in babyji’s life. Sumitra agrees. Raghu thanks her. Sumitra says you have to compensate for this and says she will keep karwachauth fast for him. She asks him to come to break her fast. Raghu tells her that there is no need to keep the fast as we are not married yet. Sumitra says she likes to keep the fast for him. Raghu agrees and says he has to get somethings for the fast. Sumitra asks if babyji is also keeping the fast. Raghu says no, and says she didn’t have any fast until now. She can’t be hungry for long. Sumitra asks him to get mehendi cone for her. Raghu says ok.

Maya asks Bella to apply beautiful mehendi design to her hand. And asks Gini to apply the mehendi on Lata hands. Shivani asks, why they are applying the mehendi. Maya says it is karwachauth fast. Shivani says she will also apply the mehendi. Bella bluntly tells her that your marriage is fake and why you will keep the fast for my brother. Shivani is hurt. Bella says why you are worrying for my brother’s long life.

Lata tells Shivani that girls apply the mehendi in the festivals. And even Nishi and gini have applied the mehendi. She says there is no need to keep the fast for this. Gini comments what will happen if babyji keeps the fast for a day. Raghu comes and hears this.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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