Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Bela telling the whole family that she is leaving the house with her family. Raghu says she is angry. Bela says she is angry as her daughter is insulted. Shivani asks her not to go. Bela says she cannot stay in a house her daughter is insulted. Latha says she is her daughter. This house belongs to her also. She cannot go like this. Bela says she cannot stay in this house and asks Latha if she cannot tolerate her daugher’s insult, how can she tolerate her daughter’s insult. Raghu asks her not to go from there. Bela says she cannot stay here if she and her family is not respected. She says Roopesh that she will pack her clothes and asks him to rent a house. Nishi says Shivani that she did not take Maya’s perfume bottle. Shivani says

she everyone that. Shivani cries and pleads Bela not to go. Bela says after marriage, this house does not belongs to her. Shivani says a daughter cannot be away from her mother’s house. She asks what will she do without her. Bela says she has Raghu with her and asks to take right path with confidence. She requests Shivani not to stop her and gives her bangle to Shivani. Shivani hugs and says she will remember a lot. Bela says even she will not forget her and asks her not to cry more.

Bela goes to Latha and says she will leave now. Latha says when children grow up and leave the house, mother will be helpless. Bela says she is just going to her husband’s house. Roopesh thinks why women go to husband’s house, he was happy being a ghar jamai.

Latha asks Bela to stay until Baburam comes back from his sister’s house. Bela says she will come back when Baburam is back and asks Latha to promise her that she won’t cry. Latha hugs her and cries profusely. Bela meets all her siblings. Sumitra gets happy seing that. She leaves Baburam’s house with Roopesh and Nishi. Sumitra gives evil smile and says what will happen to Shivani Rana now. She will see how will she sit with Raghu for Pooja.

Bela is cleaning her new house. Raghu comes. She sees him and asks him to sit. She asks how is her new house. Raghu says it is good and he liked it as it is near his house. Bela says that is the reason she took it here. She wants to start a new life with her new home, but she cannot tolerate being away from her parents and their house. Raghu gives him some household items. She says she cannot take it and ask him to bless him to start a new life. Raghu says she is not doing right, she is her sister and bestfriend, he is feeling alone now. Bela says she will come to him whenever he needs her. She says babyji is there for you who will take care of her.

Bela asks Raghu to take care of Shivani as she knows they both love each other. She says you both are incomplete without each other. Raghu says she does not understand him. Bela says she prays god and expect that he will understand his responsibilities. Raghu asks her to take care of her and goes. Bela thinks she knows he and his house need Babyji and she will take care of them.

Latha calls Bela thinking she is in the house and remembers she has gone out of her house. She then calls Bela and asks how is she. Bela says she is fine and asks Latha to come to her new house. Latha asks her to come for pooja. She says she cannot come. Roopesh comes and listens to Bela’s conversation. He picks the call from Bela and says Nishi is also very sad and thinking of you. Bela snatches phone and says she cannot go to the house where she was insulted. Latha hears that, but insists Bela to come. She agrees.

Raghu comes home. Latha informs Bela is also coming for pooja. She says he has to sit for pooja with babyji as she is her legally wed wife. Raghu says okay to her mother.

Precap: Raghu asks Shivani to deny sitting for pooja. She says ok but asks him to remove the sindhoor from her foredhead.

Update Credit to: H_hasan

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  2. I am so damn sick and tired of this foolishness with Sumitra and all the evil wretches in this show, don’t you writers ever let good prevail long enough, please get Sumitra out of the show, I really do not see her purpose

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