Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani urging Raghu to open his eyes. Shivani asks the guards to do something. She cries badly. Baburaam says, how can you do this? Bella looks at Shivani with surprise. Baburaam scolds the organiser and says Raghu didn’t know swimming. Organiser says, he didn’t tell us. Baburaam cries for Raghu. One person says, so many people have died in this game and it seems he is dead. Shivani gets angry and asks everyone to leave. She says, nothing can happen to my Raghu. She asks Raghu to talk to her. Other person says, water was filled in his wind pipe and asks her to take him to the hospital. Shivani says, we don’t have much time. He suggests her to give breath from mouth or take him to hospital. Shivani stops them. She gives him breath

from her mouth while closing his nose. Everyone are surprised. Baburaam smiles. Narayana Namasthuthe plays…….

Raghu regains consciousness and water comes out from his mouth. Shivani asks him to look at her. Bella and Baburaam are happy as well. Baburaam says, what you have done? If anything would have happen to you then your mom will die. He asks, who compelled you to take this step? Shivani asks Raghu, whether he is feeling pain. someone says that the girl Shivani has won and brought Raghu from death. Bella is annoyed with Shivani. She blames herself for Raghu’s condition. Shivani says, whatever happened with me was unknowingly. Bella asks her to poison Raghu and give him dead. Shivani cries. Bella asks, why you did it? What was his mistake. He wanted to save a stranger. You didn’t melt with his pleading. Shivani asks for forgiveness. I didn’t do it purposely.

Baburaam comes and says don’t know why you have done this. You can’t digest the fact that Raghu is the owner of half property. Shivani says, it is nothing like that. Baburaam says, at one side is you who have pushed him to death and other side is Raghu who wants to transfer his share of property on your name. Shivani is shocked. Baburaam says, you should be ashamed. Raghu comes and asks Baburaam to stop. Do Dil Bandhe plays……………Shivani says, they are saying the right thing and apologizes to Raghu for giving him pain. She bends down on her knees. Raghu asks her not to do it. He forgives her and says it is not needed.

Rupesh says, you made me cry. Bella asks Raghu to come home. Raghu says, I will meet Govindji and then go to haveli. Bella says, you won’t go to haveli. We don’t want anyone’s favours. Raghu asks her not to be stubborn and says, I can’t leave babyji alone. Bella says, I can’t see you in trouble. I don’t trust Shivani. Shivani says, I did mistake by not trusting him. She folds her hands and asks for a chance to correct her mistake. She asks Bella to let her take Raghu to haveli. She says, Raghu has taken care of me and now from now on I will take care of him. She promises her. Rupesh asks Bella to let babyji take Raghu to the haveli and asks her to give a chance to babyji.Raghu tells Bella not to worry and don’t tell Maa anything as she will worry. They leaves.

Raghu and Shivani look at each other………Do dil bandhe ek dori se plays……………………..Raghu and Shivani come to the hospital to meet Govindji. Shivani thanks him for forgiving her. She says, I am very much happy to trust you again. Raghu says, I understand but don’t blame yourself. Govindji is relieved to see Raghu. He thanks Raghu and says my son’s operation is successful. Raghu smiles. Govindji asks him to come and see his son. Shivani says, blood is coming out from you head and asks him to come for dressing of the wound. She makes Raghu understand not to worry. Raghu says, I am not afraid. Shivani asks the nurse to do it carefully. She gets scared to see the wound. She says, Raghu will be feeling pain. Raghu asks her not to worry. She closes her eyes and says I can’t see. Raghu says, it is not paining. He asks her to sit outside. Shivani says, I will never leave you alone. Do Dil bandhe plays………………

Police comes and arrests Raghu on charges of stealing money from Shivani’s home. Shivani asks nurse about Raghu. She says, that he was taken by the police. Shivani is stunned..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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