Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani helping Nishi in doing her home work. Shivani praises Nishi to be very intelligent. She asks about her father. Nishi says he went very far and that’s why couldn’t come. Bella comes and asks Nishi to come with her. Shivani tells her to let Nishi do the homework, but Bella takes her with her.

Raghu is coming home on his bike, he sees Sumitra standing on her balcony. Sumitra signs her that she is coming to meet him. Raghu nods. Neighbours standing there sees this. Raghu gets the call from the Doctor uncle servant saying about his accident. Raghu says he will reach there soon and leaves. Sumitra comes downstairs and looks for Raghu. Neighbours standing there tells Sumitra to stop dreaming about Raghu as he has became a son

in law of Rana saheb. Sumitra thanks them and thinks Raghu is changed. She opines that his promises are fake.

Raghu comes to the accident spot and asks about Doctor uncle. One of the constable says that person said that he knew him. Raghu sees Abhi and asks what he is doing. He suspects his hand in Doctor uncle accident.

Raghu says he won’t spare him if he is involved in the accident. Abhi asks what you will do? Raghu beats him and the fight starts between the two lads. while fighting Abhi sees the will in the bushes. Inspector stops Raghu and says he is clever and a bad guy. Abhi sees the original will of Dadaji and smiles. He hides the will in his pocket and leaves after telling the Inspector to call him if he needs any information. He tells Raghu not to poke nose in his work. Raghu asks about Doctor uncle. Inspector says that the car is in bad condition and thinks doctor uncle is not alive.

Meanwhile some people are taking care of Doctor uncle and he is unconscious. He recalls the accident in the flashback and says save Balwant’s will.

Shivani comes to Bella and asks how can you do this much work. Bella says she has to do as she is like a servant. Shivani says can I help you. Bella asks did you prepared roti at any time. Shivani says Daaju never allowed her and asks Bella to give her a chance. Bella asks her to make the roti.

Shivani struggles to make roti. Bella asks her to put the wheat flour. Shivani didn’t make the roti correctly. Bella smiles and says she will do it. She asks Shivani to cook the roti. Shivani says ok and put the roti on the tawa. Shivani burns her hand in the process. Lata comes and asks, Bella says her husband is burnt and asks gini to bring the toothpaste.

Abhi comes to Golcha, Golcha gets angry at Abhi and shows the deal papers to Abhi. Abhi tears the papers much to Golcha amusement.He tells Golcha that they will be 40% partners each in the hotel deal and they will give 20% partnership to Jazz and Mahima. Abhi tells him that he got a trump card in his hand and asks him to get the papers ready for the new partnership. He says jazz and Mahima will sign the papers themselves.

Lata applies toothpaste on the burnt hand. Shivani tells that she didn’t know that it is soothing on the burnt part. Bella says that she was cooking the roti. maya says she could have asked her help. Lata and Maya says that princess don’t work in kitchen. Raghu comes and asks what happened? Gini says Shivani’s hand was burnt while making roti. Raghu gets tensed and asks her to come to the doctor. Shivani says she is alright.

Raghu scolds Bella and says you didn’t take care of babyji. You can’t do this much work. Bella cries and says she should have work outside rather than sitting at home. Raghu asks Shivani to come but she says she is fine. Shivani tells him that Bella isn’t at fault.

Abhi calls Mahima and Jazz. Mahima picks the call and says you are shameless fellow. Abhi laughs and tells her that Doctor uncle car was found near the old temple. He tells that he found the new original will of dadaji. Both of them are shocked. Abhi smiles.


Shivani tells Raghu not to ignore his family. She asks him to talk to Bella as he scolded her badly.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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