Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu coming to Dr. Parimal house. Sumitra calls him but he doesn’t pick the call. Raghu asks the servant about Parimal uncle. Servant says he didn’t came home. And says sometimes he used to go to Jaipur for the operations. Raghu thinks something is wrong and goes inside to find the proof.

Sumitra mom scolds Sumitra and says she was ashamed to know her lie which she said to break her alliance with Pradeep. Sumitra recalls about her fake pregnancy. Sumitra mom scolds her and says you are mad for Raghu. What you did was not good. Sumitra says Raghu said that he will marry her after Shivani leaves. Her mom says Raghu will not let go of the golden bird and marry you. She asks her to stay away from Raghu.

Shivani says how can

Jazz bhaiyya changed this much. She thinks she has only one way out and is Parimal uncle. Shivani prays to God to help Raghu. Lata comes and asks, what are asking from God. Lata asks her to drink coffee. Shivani thanks her. Lata says Gini told her how to make by reading in the book. Shivani takes the coffee sip and says it is little sugary. Lata says she will take care next time. She says sorry to her on their neighbour’s behalf. Shivani says don’t say sorry and says she understands everything.

Gini tells Lata that Sumitra heard about the neighbour’s saying and is upset. Lata asks her to be quiet. Lata tells Shivani that she told Sumitra that yours marriage is fake and she will marry Raghu and Sumitra. Shivani promises her that she will get Raghu and Sumitra marry.

Golcha asks Jazz and Mahima, why they called them. Jazz says that they have dadaji’s property. Mahima says we are interested in the resort deal. Golcha says ok, I will make you partner. Jazz says no, we will make you our partner. Mahima shows him the partnership papers in which Jazz shares are 75 % and Golcha shares are 25%. Golcha is shocked and says is this a joke. I don’t accept this. Mahima smiles and says if this resort didn’t complete then you will be on street. She says you don’t have any other option now. As abhi is also bankrupt. Jazz says your financiers will be after you, this is the good deal.

Golcha is in thoughts. Mahima says decision is in your hand. Golcha signs the papers while Mahima and Jazz smiles. Jazz tells him that he is 25% partner now.

Raghu searches for the clues in parimal uncle’s house that may lead him to his whereabouts. Shivani is eagerly waiting for Raghu’s call and calls him but call doesn’t go through. She sees the cockroach on the floor and starts shouting for him. Raghu asks the servant, where did the Doctor uncle keeps the important documents. Servant takes him there. Meanwhile Bella comes and throws the cockroach out.

Shivani calls him and asks to come home soon. Raghu says he will reach soon. Bella takes the call and asks him to do his work. She says Shivani saw the cockroach and started shouting. She says your princess shouted alarming all the neighbourhood people. Raghu asks her to take care of Shivani until he comes back. Meanwhile Shivani is standing on the couch, Bella asks her to get down. Shivani thanks her and asks,whether the cockroach will come again. Shivani asks her to do the pest control at home. Bella wonders what is it.

Raghu didn’t get any clue and comes out to go home. Raghu’s bike doesn’t start and he repairs it. Meanwhile Abhi comes in his car and eyes at parimal uncle house. Raghu doesn’t see him and leaves.

Shivani tells Maya and Gini that Raghu didn’t get all the stuff and just got dolphin toy. She says she didn’t get sleep without her teddy bear. She says she asks Bella didi to get the pest control done. Maya says she knows about it and will do it. Shivani thanks her.

Nishi comes to Shivani and asks what happened? Nishi asks her to help her in doing the English homework. Shivani teaches her.

Abhi comes inside and asks about Doctor uncle. He is being told that Doctor uncle didn’t returned home since 2 days. Just then the servant gets a call from the police, saying that they got doctor saheb car in the valley and says Doctor saheb is in the backside of the out temple.

Raghu tells abhi that he will not spare him if he is involved in Doctor uncle’s accident. Abhi asks what you will do? Raghu beats him and Abhi sees the original will in the bushes.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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