Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sumitra wondering why Shivani came back to Raghu’s home. She thinks what is right and what is wrong. What is in Raghu’s heart. Sumitra mom’s comes and starts saying that Baburaam’s family is exhibiting their bahu Shivani. The neighbours starts praising Shivani. One lady says that the in laws home is the real home of the girl. Other lady says, it seems Ranaji got a heart attack because of her marriage. Bella bitterly asks them to leave if they are done with their talk. The neighbour taunts Bella. One neighbour tells Shivani to give a heir to the family and praises her. Shivani gets tensed.

Sumitra comes to witness the scene and gets disheartened. She cries. Raghu asks her, why she is crying? Sumitra says, it doesn’t matter

to you. She sees the sarees in Raghu’s hands and asks, whether he brought this for babyji. Raghu says yes. Sumitra says you are a liar, cheat, betrayal. She says she is a fool to believe him. She says you will never break your relation with her. Raghu tries to explain but in vain. Raghu enters his home to find the neighbours. They asks Raghu to give the grand child soon. Raghu bluntly asks them to leave. Lata interferes but Raghu asks them to leave. Raghu asks, who invited the neighbourhood ladies? Maya says it is very difficult to stop basti people and we have to stay here. Babyji will leave tomorrow and we have to answer them. Raghu makes it clear that babyji shall not get troubled by them.

Shivani says she is right and says she will wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor until she is here, as it is a matter of few days. Shivani requests them, not to fight with each other because of her. Sumitra recalls the happenings and cries. She thinks, why Raghu brought sarees and clothes for babyji. She thinks she is mad to trust Raghu.

Golcha tells Abhi that he is very dangerous. Abhi asks, what do you mean? Golcha says either he will take the money or his life. Abhi says he is sure that Jazz did manipulated the will and therefore plans to get to the roots of it. Golcha says he don’t have time. Abhi says ok, kill me but you will not get money. He assures him that may be they get the money if he try to find the secret of the will. He gives his passport to Golcha as the security/ assurance.

Someone calls Abhi and informs him that Dr. Parimal is seen with a lawyer at his hospital. Abhi thinks to meet him soon without wasting the time.

Jazz is searching something. His employee offers help, but Mahima says no need, we were cleaning the garbage. She says we will clean the office and asks him to go. She tells Jazz that people know that he is the only heir of Dadaji’s property and says nobody should know that they came to the office to find the original will.

Shivani looks at her mangalsutra and recalls the neigbour’s words that it seems Ranaji got a heart attack because of her marriage. Raghu comes and says he got a salwar kameez and sarees for her. Raghu says sorry on his family’s behalf. He says he will talk to them. Shivani says, don’t take any tension.

She says this situation will happen here and then, we have to find the solution. Raghu says parimal uncle is unreachable. Shivani wonders when did Daaju made the new will and when did he met with the lawyer. Vivek comes to give fruits to Shivani. He tells that he heard them speaking about the lawyer. Vivek asks, are you talking about the lawyer, who came to meet Rana saheb. He adds that Parimal uncle take that lawyer to Rana saheb. Raghu says he will enquire himself. Raghu tells Shivani that he is sure that the new will is made. Shivani says it means Jazz bhaiyya has the new will. Raghu says I know that Malik saa never relieved you of his property. He thinks to go to parimal uncle house to get any clue.

Shivani waits for Raghu and decides to call. Just then she notices the cockroach on the floor and starts shouting. Raghu hears her and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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