Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st March 2014 Written Update

Maya is angry that their salary is spent on the house. She thinks Bela and her husband does not work and they have to spend on them. Latha comes with Nishi and asks for oil to apply on Nishi. She goes to bring it. Nishi sees perfume bottle and asks Maya if she can keep it. Maya gets angry and pushes Nishi. She says she is also taking her items as other members of this house. Latha says Nishi that Raghu mama will bring it for her. She takes oil and goes from there. Sumitra comes to Maya’s room, closes the door and acts as crying. Maya asks what happened. Sumitra says she has not got her position in this house and Bella does not like her to get that position. She says Bella inisted Shivani to sit with Raghu for Pooja. Maya says she is right, Bella supporting

Shivani is risky for her. Sumitra says what can she do. If Bella has any financial problem, she will be the one to help her.

Maya gets happy listening about money. Maya says she will help Sumitra. Sumitra asks her to help Bela get out of the house. Maya says she has a plan for that.

Raghu asks Latha and Bela to bring water to was his face. Shivani pours coloured water in the utensil. Raghu pours it on his head. Shivani starts laughing and shows him mirror and then applies holi o him. She wishes him happy holi. Even he wishes happy holi. Bela comes and even she taunts on Raghu. She says she did not know Raghu looks so good in pink colour. Bela gives Raghu water and asks him to take bath. Raghu asks Shivani not to pour more holi on him. Shivani says she cannot say, she is in a funny moody these days. Raghu requests Bela to take Shivani from there. Bela thinks Raghu and Shivani are made for each other and prays god to keep them together.

Ginni runs behind Nishi as she applied holi on her. Nishi also applies holi on Latha. Roopesh and Raghu’s brother talk each other about holi’s preparations. Roopesh says he stole bhang tablets from Baburam and asks not to tell Raghu.

Nishi wants to apply holi on Raghu. Raghu first resists but then agrees. Sumitra thinks it is the right time to apply holi on Raghu. Shivani comes there . Nishi asks her to apply holi in Raghu. She says she already applied, but Nishi insists and she applies holi to Raghu again wishing happy holi. Even Raghu wishes happy holi and applies colour on everybody’s insistence. Do dil bandhe title song plays in the background. Sumitra gets angry.

Maya comes and says her someone from this house has stolen her perfume. Her husband says she would have kept somewhere and forgotten. Maya says she knows who stole her perfume and alleges Nishi. She says she wants to prove she took it and says people of this house wants her items, if she does not give, they stole it. Bela asks Nishi how can she allege a small kid. Maya asks Latha if Nishi liked her perfume or not. Latha says Nishi liked it, but she will not take it without informing her. Nishi says she didn’t take it. Maya brings Nishi’s bag. Bela snatches the bag and says she won’t let Maya search her daughter’s bag. Latha asks Bela to let her check and says Maya if perfume is not found, she should apologize Nishi.

Maya searches Nishi’s bag and finds her perfume bottle in it. She shows it to everybody and everybody are shocked to see that. She asks Nishi when did she theft her perfume. She says she didn’t. Maya slaps Nishi.

Shivani backs Nishi and says Maya Nishi cannot steal. Maya says how did the perfume come in her bag then. Roopesh says she is misunderstanding, Nishi cannot steal. Sumitra says Maya is right. Bela asks Sumitra not to interfere in their personal matter. She alleges Maya that she keeps food in her cupboard and thinks everybody is like her. Maya says all the food of this house is brought from her money. She says Bela that she she is not like her who stays in her parent’s house and alleges that she would have told Nishi to bring the perfume bottle. Bela says she crossed all her limits and says she will leave this house with her family right now. Shivani and everybody gets shocked hearing that.

Precap: Bela asks Latha when she cannot tolerate her daughter’s insult, how can she tolerate Nishi’s insult.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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