Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 20th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Raghu trying to eat samosas and Vivek stopping him as samosa has hair in it. Others also stop eating it and say they will get ill if they eat it. Bella says it is just 1 samosa, others won’t be with hair. Latha scolds Bella and says Shivai does not know anything and she should be a guest and not try to cook. Sumitra says she added hair in samosas and spoilt them. Vivek’s wife says we should not eat it and takes him from there.

Other family members also go. Shivani asks sorry to Latha and says she will prepare another samosas. Latha asks her to stop and forgive them. She commands her not to step in kitchen from today and goes from there. Shivani gets upset and Sumitra happy.

Raghu gives Shivani ice cream. She asks why the tiffin

has water. He says he added ice so that icecream does not melt. She asks him to eat with her. He says he cannot eat. She insists and he agrees. They both eat ice cream seeing each other. Serial’s title song plays in the background. Raghu asks if she liked the icecream. He says yes and thanks him for bringing icecream. Raghu asks sorry for the samosa incident. She says he cannot not see her sad and can do anything for her happiness. He nods his head yes. She asks how is that she does not say anything and he understands everything. He always makes her happy. She says whenever he is with her, she does not need anything and will always be happy with him. She says you have become my habit and asks why do you take care of me so much. He says because he does not feel important that taking care of her. He cannot see her sad. She should not feel sad until he is there. She thinks it is love and even he loves him. He says he got some work and goes.

Sumitra watches them talking from outside and gets angry. Shivani sees her on the door and starts having icecream and says it is very tasty. She acts as she didn’t see her. She asks if Raghu didn’t bring her icecream. She says we both worked together. I prepared samosas and you spoilt it with you hair. He brought icrecream as I am his wife. Sumitra gets angry and goes.

Everybody is celebrating holi. The revolved around fire. Sumitra sees Raghu and then Shivani. She thinks of some mischief and says Raghu that she wants to talk to him. She takes him inside. Bella sees them going and goes behind them.

He asks Sumitra what is the matter. She asks what did he think about matrimonial advertisement. He says he needs some time. Raghu says he will try and asks Sumitra to take care of Babyji. She says she will. Sumitra sees them and gets angry on Raghu that he is trying to get babji married. She asks how much babyji has to tolerate as she loves you. Sumitra says she will explain. Bella says she is talking to her brother. She says babyji left her house and everything only for you and you are his husband, even then you wants her to marry. She obeys you as she loves you a lot. You are insulting babyji’s sacrifices. Raghu says he knows what babyji thinks. He cannot get her the respect she deserves. He is poor and servant, she does not understand, but he does understand. She cannot be happy with him. Sumitra asks will he be happy without babyji. The truth is you cannot live without babyji and you love her.

Sumitra tries to intervene, but Raghu stops her. He says Bella that he does not love babyji, he just cares for her. If he is searching her life partner, it is for her good. Sumitra says what will happen he goes and tell Shivani that he found a husband for her. How will he decide that. Raghu says he will not do anything before asking babyji. He asks her to believe him, whatever he will do is for babyji’s goodness. Sumitra listens him and gets happy and says he is doing for babyji’s goodness. Bella says it looks like it is your goodness, than babyji. Raghu is doing this as he loves babyji and she will make Raghu realize that.

Precap: Raghu is washing head. He asks Bella to bring water. Shivani comes and pours coloured water. He pours it on his head. She shows him mirror and wishes happy holi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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