Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahima calling Abhi and taunts him for his failed attempt to kill Raghu. She says you will be a loser always and laughs. Abhi says I am not a loser. I can’t accept defeat and says just wait and watch.Mahima then asks Jazz, what happened. Jazz says Dadaji wants to bring Shivani back in the house. Mahima says lets flow with the Dadaji’s wishes. She says we will find the solution, but now we have to go to Raghu’s house.

Nishi is crying as Shivani is leaving. Shivani invites her to come to her house and says she can call her babyji mamiji always. Bella comes and gives her wedding dress and jewellery. She speaks in angry tone. Shivani tells Raghu that everyone is upset with me. Raghu says no, and helps her in packing.


calls Daaju and asks him to see the mms video which he had sent. Daaju says how can dare call me? Abhi asks him to watch the mms as it has some proof which will show him the truth. Daaju is shocked to see the video in which Jazz tells Abhi that he got Shivani married to Raghu and also asks Abhi to get the signatures of Daaju on the new “will” as they too wants Daaju’s property. Daaju is shocked to know the truth about Jazz and Mahima.

Mahima comes and says they will come with him to bring back Shivani. Jazz says he will also come to bring his sister. He says he wants to hug her. Daaju slaps him hard, Jazz gets shocked and asks what I did? Daaju shows him the mms and says you was blinded by the wealth so much that you didn’t think about your sister. Daaju asks him to leave and pushes him. Mahima comes to his rescue and asks him to forgive. Daaju says he is relieving Jazz from his house and property. Jazz tells Mahima to come and they leaves. Daaju asks them to go and says you people are so cheap and did a cheap trick with your own sister. Daaju gets a slight heart attack. Doctor and Panna tai goes to him.

Raghu says sorry to Shivani, for the problems and troubles which she had gone through. Shivani holds his hand and says no need and thanks him for his and his family help. Gini asks Maa, how can we stop Shivani. Maa says no. Bella asks she is married to Raghu then why she is going. Some neighbour comes, Gini and Bella lies that Babyji is going to her house for pagphera rasam.

Doctor says you should take care of himself as you are a heart patient. Daaju says he will go to bring Shivani. Panna tai says you aren’t well. Daaju says ok, I will take Doctor with me. But Doctor says he have emergency operation else he would have definitely come. Panna tai says she will come. Doctor also asks her to go. Daaju agrees.

Shivani tells Raghu that you can do anything for me naa. She tells him that if Daaju wants to give you some reward then don’t refuse. Raghu says he don’t want anything and says you are also mine. Shivani laughs.

Baburaam comes and says sorry to Shivani for whatever had happened. He says you can go now. He makes her remember how he welcomed them after her wedding and tells about the expenses. Raghu asks why you are telling this to Babyji. Baburaam says Ranaji have to give me the money. Raghu takes the chit and throws. He asks how can you talk about money.

Baburaam asks her, whether he is saying wrong. Shivani says you are right, I will asks Daaju to give you money. Baburaam praises her and says he is helpless as he borrowed the money with 10 percent interest. Raghu says he will give him the money. Baburaam says he is talking about 77000 Rs. Raghu asks him to go. Shivani says whatever you all did for me, I can’t repay you. But I assure that I will tell Daaju to give you money. Baburaam feels happy and leaves. Shivani tells Raghu, not to worry as Daaju is coming and he will make everything alright.

Daaju and Panna tai are on the way to Raghu’s home and is walking towards his house. Daaju asks where is Raghu’s home. Panna tai says it is near. Just then Daaju looks at the sky and gets a heart attack. Panna tai asks are you fine?

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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