Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu recalling Sumitra’s words and gets tensed. Raghu thinks what to do? Babyji needs me and Sumitra ji is talking about marriage. He thinks how to manage everything…. Lata comes and asks Raghu whether he is worried about babyji. She tells him that babyji will forget her sadness as the time passes. She says Sumitra is waiting for you. She says she will talk to her parents after Shivani leaves for her haveli. Raghu is tensed. Lata asks, are you thinking something. Raghu says no…

In the morning, Raghu knocks on Shivani’s room and calls her. Shivani wakes up and takes Daaju’s name. She opens the door and greets him. Raghu tells her that he took care of her bathing needs and offers his mother’s saree. Shivani says can I get

a new saree. Raghu says ok,it will be done. Shivani smiles. Shivani says, where is my toothbrush kit and goes to take it, mangalsutra falls on the floor without Shivani’s knowlegde. Bella comes, gets angry and shocked.

Shivani is about to stamp on the mangalsutra unknowingly but stops…while the mangalam bhagan vishnu plays… Bella picks the mangalsutra and says if you can’t respect relation then atleast respect this mangalsutra. Raghu says you know that. Bella says she knows that their marriage is fake but says mangalsutra, sindoor, mantras and pheras are not fake. Raghu takes Shivani’s side and says babyji didn’t do it intentionally. Bella says atleast respect this until your divorce. She places the mangalsutra in Shivani’s hand while some mantras is being played. Raghu says sorry to Shivani on behalf on Bella. He asks her to get ready for bath and he will get the new saree. Shivani looks at the mangalsutra.

Raghu says he has only 200 Rs and he can’t even asks someone. Baburaam comes and offers him 500 Rs. Raghu says he don’t need it. Baburaam says they have to take care of her until she is here. Raghu hesitantly takes it and leaves. Baburaam thinks Raghu is eager to do anything for babyji. Shivani recalls Bella and Lata’s words about marriage and its importance. Shivani thinks she was unaware of the problems that arouses because of their fake marriage.

Gini asks Maya to bunk at the hospital. They decides to watch the movie Chennai Express. Lata asks Bella to help her in preparing Pasta, Bella says she don’t have time and says didn’t you remember what had happened last time. Lata says she will prepare herself. Some ladies from the neighbourhood comes and says they didn’t believe that Shivani returned home. Gini says babyji came back and the neighbour were lying. Baburaam asks Bella to call Shivani. Lata sends Maya with Bella.

Maya tells Shivani that some ladies came to see you. Bella asks her to pretend as a daugher in law. Shivani says but she isn’t and you know that. Bella and Maya asks her to pretend else the neighbours will start gossipying. Maya asks her to wear the saree fast. Shivani asks for Raghu. Bella says he went to the market and asks her to wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor on the forehead. Shivani says she can’t do that. Bella asks her to respect Raghu. Shivani says nobody talk to her like that before. Bella says you were princess at your haveli and not in this house. Bella asks her to fulfill the responsibility of the daughter in law. Maya says that the neighbours will laugh on them and asks her to do it for their reputation. shivani says she won’t do. Maya says let it be, Raghu is her servant and why she will wear the mangalsutra for the servant. Why she will think about his reputation. Bella says it is waste to talk to her and leaves.

Raghu is the saree shop and tries to select the saree but gets confused and calls Shivani. She didn’t pick the call. Raghu thinks about Sumitra and asks the shop keeper to give suit and pink saree. Meanwhile the neighbours are waiting for Shivani, Bella, Maya and Lata gets tensed. Neighbours asks, why the daughter in law not coming downstairs. Shivani comes wearing lata’s saree and with sindoor and mangalsutra. Lata smiles.

One lady says that you did right by coming back to the inlaws home. It doesn’t matter whether the inlaws home is in the basti or haveli. Other lady says it matters, she says it seems Ranaji got a heart attack because of her marriage.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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