Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Latha complaining Shivani that her son is misunderstanding because of her. Raghu says it is not like that. Sumitra says Latha is right, wht happens if some chilli gets into the past by mistake. Shivani asks Raghu not to tell Latha anything. Latha goes crying. Raghu asks Shivani to come with him to wash her feet with cold water. He carries her. Sumitra sees that and gets sad and follows them. Raghu makes Shivani sit on the table and pours cold water on her feet. He asks if she feels pain to tell him. Shivani sees him pouring water on her feet and gets emotional. Sumitra watches that. Do dil bandhe title song plays in the background. Raghu then wipes her feet with a towel. He asks if she is feeling pain. Shivani says she is not feeling pain at

all. Shivani then asks sorry as he came back from office because of him. Raghu says it was lunch time and no prob at all. He then asks her to go inside her room and relax. He helps her.

Sumitra is very angry and says she should pour all the hot tea on Shivani’s face. She says her feet was burnt, but she is feeling the pain. She then thinks to do something. She sees newspaper and gets happy. She says before Shivani’s wound heals, she will give her one more wound.

Raghu applies paste on Shivani’s feet and asks if she is feeling the burn. She says no and says because of her, he always gets into trouble. Earlier mosquito bites and now her burnt feet. Raghu say she is feeling the pain, not him. He then says he will leave for the office as he is getting late. Shivani says okay. He asks her to take care and goes.

Sumitra sees Raghu going out, gives him a matrimony advertisement for Shivani and asks him to publish it. She says she cannot see Shivani into such troubles. She is a princess from palace and cannot adjust to the small house here. Raghu says he cannot do it without asking Shivani. Sumitra says you promised Maliksaa to take care of babyji and she is staying only because of him. She then says he was washing his owner’s feet and nothing else. Raghu asks her to stop that as he cannot do it without Shivani’s permission. Sumitra asks if he has started to love babyji. Raghu says he is just her servant. She asks him to to do his duty as servant. Raghu goes with the advertisement. Bella’s husand hears their conversation and gets happy that husband is giving adv for wife’s marriage.

Shivani is happy and talks to the teddy. She says Raghu loves him, but does not express it as he is very shy. He washed her feet so lovingly, if it was not love then what else. She says it is pure love and says though world says he is her servant, truth is Raghu is her god, she can obey his words by closing her eyes and can do anything for him. If Raghu asks her to become his servant, she willl do it happily.

Raghu is upset about the advertisement and thinks Sumitra is right, but how can he get an appropriate match for Babyji.

Sumitra comes to Shivani’s room angrily. She says Shivani if she likes her teddy a lot as Raghu gave it to her. She then tears the teddy into pieces. She then laughs and says she will do the same thing to Shivani if she does not mend her ways. Shivani says if she would have told it to others, but will not do it for Raghu’s sake and can tolerate her misbehavior. She then says Sumitra that she get angry because she cannot take Raghu from her. Sumitra gets angry and says time will tell and says you gave me 1 month, I will make you forget Raghu and will run to save your life. Sumitra goes. Shivani picks her torn teddy and cries.

Bella gives tea to Sumitra. She then sees Shivani down and says she was coming to her with tea. Shivani says she came down to have tea with everybody. Latha’s friends come. Latha asks to prepare tea for them. They say they just had tea and invites her for satyanarayan pooja. They asks Latha that she has 2 bahus, who will sit with Raghu for pooja. Bella says babyji will sit as she is married to Raghu.


Precap: Sumitra asks why she wants to sit with Raghu for pooja and challenges she will ruin her fast

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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