Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Maya telling Vivek that Ganesh was saying the right thing. I heard about if from the nurses. Everyone are doing it quietly. Vivek says, if anything happens by mistake. Maya says, nothing will happen. It is a matter of 5 lakhs rupees. We can’t get 5 lakhs rupees if we work for a year also. Vivek says, if we steal 2 cartoons then will get 10 lakhs rupees. We can give money to Rupesh for the new home. Vivek says, we have to think about stealing the cartoon. Raghu comes there and says I need your help. He asks him to talk to the doctor saying we will pay tomorrow. Vivek says, I will talk to the doctor but you have to do my work. He asks him to take the cartoon outside of the hospital. Raghu asks, what is inside the cartoon? Vivek says, there

are costly medicines in that cartoon and it is worth 5 lakhs rupees. It will be easy for you to move the cartoon as no one knows about you. Raghu slaps him hard.

Mahima says, I am getting tension. Shivani is handling business alone. Jazz says, what we can do now? Shivani’s confidence is getting bigger day by day. Aunty says, I will get your fear out. I am going to hunt Shivani and Raghu with one arrow. Raghu is very helpless now and he can do anything. We have to take his advantage. I will tell you.

Raghu says, how dare you tell me? Did I teach you this? You should be ashamed. Maya says, he is thinking about stealing as you failed to take up the responsibility. Vivek says, we will not live in poverty. Look at yourself you don’t have money to save anyone. Poverty can’t save anybody. Maya taunts him. Vivek says, he is blinded by Shivani. He says, you care for her and not for us. You have proved that you are my step brother. Raghu is hurt.

Shivani is calling Raghu but he didn’t pick her call. Shivani asks her employee about Raghu. He tells her that Raghu might be in the hospital as Govindji’s son operation is going on. Shivani is shocked to know about Govindji’s truth. She wonders that may be they were right. She thinks to go to the hospital and find out the truth. Raghu thinks, how to make everyone understand me. Right now I have to think about Govindji’s son.

Shivani comes to the hospital. Manager calls her and asks her to come back for the meeting. Shivani leaves. Raghu doesn’t see Shivani. Raghu wonders what to tell to Govindji. He thinks to find out a way out. Jazz comes there and asks Raghu, what are you thinking? Raghu asks him to see Govindji’s misery. Raghu says, you will be responsible if anything happens to Govindji’s son. Jazz smiles and says I am not emotional. I think by mind. I came to help you. I will give the money but you have to do my work. Raghu agrees. Jazz says, I will give you money but in return you have to leave Shivani. You have to forget everything about our family. You have to cut all ties with Shivani. He asks him to decide. Raghu is shocked.

He imagines Shivani requesting her not to leave her. He sees Shivani is ruined by Mahima, Jazz and Aunty. He tells her that I won’t leave you. Raghu tells Jazz that I will never leave her alone. I promised to Maliksaa that I will protect her.

Raghu says, I am alive. You can’t buy me. You want to take advantage of the situation. Govindji comes and asks, what is the matter. Jazz says, he wants to kill your son. He says, Raghu will be responsible if your son dies. Raghu asks him not to test his patience. He says, I don’t want your help. Raghu vir plays……Raghu asks him to leave. Govindji cries. Raghu promises him to get the money. He asks him to trust him. Govindji says, you are like a God to me, no human can do it. I am hoping again because of you. I got strength because of you. Govindji says, I will come with you.

In the meeting, Shivani is ask to sign on the papers. Shivani wonders where is Raghu and worries about him. .

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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