Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Maya doing the puja while singing the bhagan. Vivek stands with her. She tells him that babyji would stay here for longer. Vivek says last time babyji didn’t demand anything but now… Maya says they shall think about it. Vivek says Raghu bhaiyya told him that he brought Shivani here as she is missing Daaju. Maya says something is fishy and says do you remember how Babyji’s brother and sister in law behaved with us. She says they were dressed up beautifully and was not at all sad. Vivek is in thoughts.

Raghu and Gini comes to Shivani’s room. Raghu gives her magazine to read, she gets happy. Gini offers her sweets and says it is Dusshera special. Shivani says she never eat these sweets. Gini says it is special gujia and ghee laddos

purchased from the shop. Shivani looks at the sweets. Gini asks, what happened? Raghu asks Gini to go and says babyji will eat later. Shivani asks Raghu to go and sleep. She stops him and says she can’t eat the ghee sweets citing throat problem. She asks him to take the sweets with him. Raghu says ji ok babyji. He smiles and takes the plate.

Shivani looks at the magazine date to be july 2010 and thinks Raghu brought the old magazine. She recalls Jazz combing her hairs and styling it while she is playing with the ball. She recalls how Jazz saved her in their childhood. She then recalls Jazz words that Daaju was shocked because of him and didn’t give her any property.

Raghu thinks what to do, his family will know that Shivani didn’t eat it. He says even I don’t sweets and thinks to throw it. But then he says it is not a good thing, maa will feel bad if she comes to know about it. He hesitantly eats all the sweets.

Sumitra is lost in thoughts about seeing Shivani in Raghu’s home. Her mom asks her to get ready as the groom parents may come soon. Sumitra says she don’t want to marry. Her mom asks her to get ready. Shaam sundar comes and informs them that the groom parents have left from their place. Her mom asks her to get ready for their betterment.

Panna tai comes to haveli and says sorry to Mahima. While Mahima is busy with getting the manicure and pedicure done. Panna tai urges her to let her stay here. Mahima asks her to leave. Jazz comes and asks why she came here. Panna tai says she took care of him since his childhood and reminds him of the promise she made to his mom. Jazz melts down and says you can stay in this haveli. Mahima says, what you are doing. Jazz says it is her last chance and tells Panna tai that the owner of the haveli is Mahima.

Panna tai thanks him. Mahima asks her to do work and not to forget Jazz’s sayings. Panna tai wipes the tears and smiles.

Sumitra’s mom praises Sumitra infront of the groom and his parents. Groom’s mom praises the guy and says he is one in a lakh and is an officer. Shaam sundar asks about their demands. Groom’s mom says 3-4 lakh is not enough. Sumitra’s mom says she is ready to give them 5 lakhs rupees, shocking Sumitra and Shaamsundar. Sumitra’s marriage is fixed. Both of their parents asks Sumitra and that guy Pradeep to talk with each other. Gini comes and looks at the plate. She thinks that Shivani has eaten all the sweets. She says she will bring it tomorrow too. Raghu says babyji didn’t eat daily. Maa calls him and asks to have food. Raghu says his stomach is not well. Maa insists him to have food.

Pradeep tells Sumitra that you are very beautiful. He tells her about his siblings and job. Sumitra tells him that she is going to be mom. Pradeep is shocked. Sumitra tells him that she loves someone else and one day they were together. She says she came to know this only a few days before. Pradeep gets disappointed and asks his parents to come. He didn’t say anything about Sumitra and requests his parents to come. Shaam sundar and his wife gets worried. Sumitra’s mom asks her whether she said anything. Sumitra says no. Shaam sundar and his wife goes after them.

Lata makes Raghu eat the food. Raghu eats the food while his mom looks lovingly at him. Vivek jokes on Raghu and says he is outside his room. Maya taunts bella that says you left your house and Raghu bhaiyya left his room. She smiles. Bella gets hurt and goes from here. Raghu looks on….

Bella picks the mangalsutra from the floor and tells Shivani to respect atleast mangalsutra, if not respect her relation with Raghu. Raghu takes Shivani’s side and says babyji didn’t do it intentionally. She must be unaware when it fell down. She asks Raghu, whether she married knowingly or unknowingly and says sindoor, mangulsutra and mantras are not a lie.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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