Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Sumitra coming to Raghu’s house. She remembers Shivani feeding curd to Raghu. She thinks why didn’t I get curd feeding idea. I should do something to her and make her cry, until then I can’t be happy. She hears Baburaam shouting for hot water. She then goes and asks Latha if she is going somewhere. She says she was going to take vegetables, but now will have to give hot water to her husband. Sumitra says she will give hot water to Baburaam. Latha goes out thanking her. ____ then goes to kitchen and applies oil on hot water utensil.

Raghu is speaking to something and strikes Mahima and her aunt. Their wallet with credit cards fall and they start scolding Raghu and go. Raghu thinks they wont keep silent and must be planning something.


wears saree and gets happy that she is looking like a wife. Sumitra comes and taunts her to just look like wife as she does not know anything else than getting ready. Shivani says her getting ready is also an art and she can’t understand it as she is not anyone’s wife.

Shivani says she can’t be beautiful. Sumitra says she can look more beautiful than her and she know all household chores. Shivani says even she knows household chores and can do better than her. Sumitra says Baburaam is asking for hot water. Baburaam then shouts for hot water. Shivani then goes to give hot water to Baburaam. Sumitra thinks now Shivani will shout and she will get happy. Shivani picks hot water but cannot hold the utensil due to oil on it. Water falls on the ground and also on Shivani’s feet. She shouts in pain. Raghu is thinking about Shivani while working. Vella comes and sees Shivani’s burnt feet and applies hot ointment on it. Latha comes, sees Shivani and gets worried. Sumitra says Shivani that she told her not to work, but she didn’t listen her. Latha stars scolding Shivani for working as she is their guest. Vella asks Latha not to scold Shivani. She then pics utensil and fings oil on it. Baburaam comes out with soap all over his body.

Baburaam shouts for water and sees it on the ground. Vella says babyji did it. Baburaam scolds her and asks not to work in his house. Sumitra says she will bring water. Baburam then scolds Latha for not working and says though he has 2 bahu’s, both are kaamchors. Vella then takes Shivani to her room and pours cold water on her feet and says she will get relief soon.

Shivani asks Vella not to touch her feet as she is elder to her. Shivani gets Raghu’s call. Vella picks it and says that Shivani is …. Just then Shivani picks phone and says she is alrigh, but writhes in pain. Vella picks the call back and says Shivani’s feet got burnt.

Latha prepares ointment for Shivani and calls Nishi. Sumitra comes and asks what is she doing. She says she is preparing ointment for Shivani and asks her to prepare tea for Baburaam, till then she will call Nishi and goes. Sumitra adds chilli powder in ointment. Latha then comes with Nishi and asks her to give it to Vella to apply it on Shivani’s feet. Nishi gives it to Vella who applies it on Shivani’s feet. Shivani says it is burning a lot and asks her not to apply. Vella says it will burn at first and then she will feel good. Shivani says it is burning a lot and stop it. Raghu comes just then and sees Shivani in pain. He asks what happened. Vella says she put babyji’s feet in cold water, but after applying ointment she is feeling the burn.

Latha and Sumitra also come listening Shivani’s voice. Shivani says she is telling truth, she is feeling a lot burning. Raghu then checks the ointment and says it has got chilli powder in it. He asks Latha if she grounded the ointment on chilli powder stone. Latha says she didn’t do it and starts crying. Vella asks Latha why is she getting angry, there is chilli powder in the ointment. Latha says why are they doubting her and asks Shivani why is she doing drama to get doubt in her son’s mind. Sumitra gets happy.

Precap: Raghu washes Shivani’s feet and asks if she is feeling pain. She says she is feeling good. Sumitra watches this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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